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TNA’s interest in Alberto Del Rio, images on Sunny from Skype chat appear on the internet, Fans can’t accept that Benoit killed his family, Kevin Sullivan conspiracy theory, fans hatred for John Cena, more
CM Punk’s decision to sign with the UFC, thoughts on Impact Wrestling’s new logo, possibility of TNA programming coming to Netflix, follow up on the Scott Hall-Cody Hall tweet, TLC PPV card, more
Dixie Carter characterizes 2014 as a good year for TNA, Sting signs for six WWE appearances, NJPW launches a streaming site, how to book a WCW reunion show, Batista to star in a new James Bond movie, more
Punk finally breaks his silence, WWE doctor’s clearing wrestlers over the phone, Ryback fires back at Punk, Hall ruins his son’s reputation, Christian voted into the GERWECK.NET hall of fame, more
Sting finally arrives in WWE, Thoughts on where they go with the Stinger going forward, Brock Lesnar’s future, future of the WWE championship, Worst NWO members, bad wrestling storylines, more
CM Punk’s tweet, Gerweck’s rant on the WWE hall of fame, a discussion on the best tag teams past and present, Breaking News! TNA signs a new TV deal, WCW’s star making power, more
Fred Richani of the The Sports Courier joins the GRP to discuss a lack of continuity in today’s product, WWE’s Network being a lame duck product, Thoughts on the new WWE video game, TNA’s future, more
Wrestling legend Bobby Eaton talks traveling with Jim Cornette, seeing potential in Steve Austin, Eddie Guerrero and Chris Benoit, scaffold matches, more
The ECW Exposed show that aired on the WWE Network, Steve’s experience at a weekend ROH show, Frank Dee’s message to Dixie Carter, Steve Austin’s “Uncle Eric” promo, JR is coming to GFW, more
Matt Hardy talks never winning the world title in WWE, the WWE Network, the current WWE product, his match against Jeff at Wrestlemania, politics in wrestling, more
Thoughts on the Monday Night War series on the WWE Network, the lack of catch phrases today, dream matches that never happened, all time favorite wrestling theme songs, lack of creativity in WWE, and more
D-Lo Brown on why he feels that WWE won’t induct Randy Savage into their hall of fame, Aces and Eights, Dixie Carter, Shane McMahon, Steve Austin, the WCW invasion angle, and more
WWE Network subscriber numbers, price changes for the network, a free month of services, an idea for a new network show, Bobby Roode wins the TNA title, Ryback returns, thoughts on WWE 2K15, and more
The Greatest IC champion of all-time, The Honky Tonk Man, talks turning down the WWE hall of fame, The Honky Tonk Man trademark, Jerry “The King” Lawler, and more
WWE hall of famer Jake “The Snake” Roberts talks reconciling with The Ultimate Warrior, Problem with today’s wrestling, Hell in a Cell, Bray Wyatt, and more
Frank Dee debates The Disco Inferno, Justin Roberts not retained by WWE, Chyna shoots on Sean Waltman and Stephanie McMahon, Chyna shoots on Sean Waltman and Stephanie McMahon, and more
Sonny Onoo talks nWo, his lawsuit against WCW, WCW politics, Eric Bischoff, Vince Russo, Jeff Jarrett, Frank Dee’s birthday, and more
Ron Simmons talks Teddy Long, the APA, ECW, Owen Hart … plus, Dixie Carter deletes tweets, BFG reaction, Team 3D’s future, more
Brodus Clay talks being released by WWE, being mentored Dusty Rhodes, Arn Anderson, and Bill DeMott, working for Snoop Dogg, and more
What is Raw about Raw today?, Austin returning to the ring rumors, Sting, Batista, WWE’s bunny, TNA’s TV situation, and more
Teddy Long and Frankie Karazian interview thoughts, declining television ratings, Bound for Glory, Bearer’s son passes away, and more
Frankie Kazarian talks Vince Russo, Dixie Carter, Hulk Hogan, Jeff Jarrett, Eric Bischoff, AJ Styles leaving TNA, and more
Teddy Long talks leaving WWE, racism in wrestling, his legacy in the business, WWE hall of fame, Randy Savage and more
Thoughts on the Vince Russo interview, Spike TV’s reaction to Russo’s comments, Sean O’Haire’s passing, Adrian Peterson, Jake Roberts, Ted Turner, and more
Vince Russo talks WWF’s attitude era, Carter’s management of TNA, working with Hogan and Bischoff in TNA, McMahon, Triple H, and more
The Ray Rice incident, CM Punk’s legal letter to WWE, Jake Roberts, Michael Elgin, WWE bringing Jerry Springer to Raw, why we dropped our WWE Network subscriptions, and more
The burial of the Wyatt Family, terrible acting by the Bella Twins, lack of creditable opponents for Brock Lesnar, rebooking the WCW invasion angle, Del Rio’s status, and more
Kurt Angle and Bully Ray back to WWE?, WWE keeping Rey Mysterio hostage, TNA’s TV situation, Triple H’s reign of terror, worst period in Raw’s history, Goldberg’s WCW undefeated streak, and more
MVP goes to Ferguson, new WWE logo and title belt, Lesnar’s possible Wrestlemania 31 opponent, Dana Warrior tells Hulk Hogan to hush about the Warrior, More issues with the WWE Network, Del Rio, Mysterio, more
Frank Dee is joined by the Bodyslam podcast’s Atlee Greene, The RastliN JackaL, and daily “This Day in Wrestling History” contributor and reporter Andrew Davis to break down and discuss the Summerslam PPV event in detail
Alberto Del Rio fired by WWE, Scott Hall’s Twitter responses to wrestling media and fans, Racism in wrestling, Bully Ray puts Dixie Carter through a table on Impact, Smackdown, more
WWE updates network subscriber count, Russo issues a statement regarding his TNA/Spike TV situation, Scott Hall doesn’t sign a card for a child cancer patient, Jesse Ventura wins a defamation lawsuit, more
Spike TV cancels Impact Wrestling, TNA’s worst decisions, missed opportunities, Triple H not keen on the IWC’s viewpoints, Jim Ross and CM Punk have their WWE contracts expire, and more
Thoughts on WWE Battleground, Streaming issues with Battleground on the WWE Network, the misuse of Dolph Ziggler, WWE futures for Kenta, Prince Devitt, and Kevin Steen, and more
A review of TNA from NYC, A critique of the current TNA product, talent, and commentary, Sting’s potential opponents, WWE retiring the big gold championship belt, Punk’s future, more
KENTA signs with WWE The possibility of TNA shaking up its announce team, thoughts on the battle royal for the vacant IC title, Matt Striker’s new look, Renee Young, and more
More WWE Network woes, McMahon wanting additional cuts, suggestions to make WWE Network better, Santino and Petey Williams announce their retirements, Scott Steiner and Jim Cornette shooting on the current wrestling products, and more
The Money in the Bank PPV, and the fall out, John Cena winning another WWE championship, Seth Rollins winning the brief case WWE title, Guerrero family drama, Emma gets arrested for Shoplifting, and more
Rumors of Vickie Guerrero going into the WWE hall of fame, reaction to WWE releasing Josh Mathews, thoughts on TNA booking Bound for Glory in Tokyo, the passing of Larry Nelson, and more
ROH’s Best in the World PPV, Bobby Lashley captures the TNA title from Eric Young, TNA decides to bring back the six sided ring, voters say no to Victoria entering WWE’s hall of fame, and more
WWE and TNA’s hall of fames, the changing landscape of PPVs in professional wrestling, Cody Rhodes becomes Stardust, how Seth Rollins has been booked since turning against The Shield, and more
A discussion on the WWE hall of fame. Who belongs in? Who shouldn’t be in the hall of fame? Do guys like Eric Bischoff, Paul Heyman, and Taz belong in the hall of fame? Will Owen Hart and Chris Benoit ever get inducted?
The WWE releases this week, NXT stars that can make an impact on the main roster, TNA celebrates 12 years in business, and more
Jimmy Hart’s reply to the podcast, heat between Mr. Perfect and Brock Lesnar, Impact’s ratings and viewership, Where Jeff Jarrett’s GFW might land, and more
Steve’s decision to drop DirecTV, streaming problems with WWE Payback, the booking of the Seth Rollins turn, the announcement regarding the WWE title situation, and more
Lack of surprises in wrestling, Cesaro and Paul Heyman’s alliance, a possible new nation of dominance group forming, Magnus calls insiders parasites, TNA having trouble selling tickets in New York, and more
2014 Projections for WWE’s financials, Frank receives a WWE Network survey, Yahoo piece claims wrestling fans are cheap and low income, Yahoo piece claims wrestling fans are cheap and low income, and more
Daniel Bryan’s injury, and the likelihood WWE strips him of the WWE title, rumored names for the WWE hall of fame in 2015, Vince McMahon still calling the shots in WWE, TNA being down to 33 contracted wrestlers, and more
Frankie Kazarian’s departure from TNA, Dixie Carter’s puzzling tweets, the lack of quality commentary in wrestling today, The story regarding a backstage altercation involving Sheamus and Sin Cara, and more
Dean Ambrose dropping the U.S. title in a battle royal, Sheamus falling asleep a WWE PPV, Smackdown’s declining ratings, thoughts on why WWE won’t pursue Christopher Daniels or AJ Styles, and more
TNA signs with United Talent Agency, Impact’s dismal TV ratings, Dixie Carter’s meeting with talent, TNA missing the boat on talent, the passing of former announcer Lee Marshall, and more
The return of the masked Kane, lack of reaction for Evolution’s reformation, WWE compares it the network to Netflix, Frank says TNA is a dead brand, a listener compares CM Punk to Ultimate Warrior, and more
Warrior week on WWE Network and the outstanding documentary on Warrior’s career, Sting’s arrival on the WWE Network, Hulk Hogan and Warrior reconciling, Vince Russo returns to TNA, and more
TNA losing talent including Chris Sabin, birth of Jeff Jarrett’s Global Force Wrestling, TNA’s missed opportunities with Ohio Valley Wrestling, Eric Young winning the TNA title, and more
Gerweck Report talks The Ultimate Warrior
Gerweck Report talk WWE hall of fame ceremony, Wrestlemania 30
Gerweck Report podcast talk Wrestlemania history, preview Wrestlemania XXX
The lackluster build to Wrestlemania 30, and the least than stellar card, The lackluster build to Wrestlemania 30, and the least than stellar card, and more
Gerweck Report talks best and worst wrestling announcers
Bret Hart gets emotional talking about Hulk Hogan, and the chances Owen Hart is inducted into the WWE hall of fame next year, Impact Wrestling’s dull product, Looking at the 2014 WWE hall of fame class, and more
Gerweck Report podcast talk New World Order
Frustrations with the WWE Network’s content and audio edits, Linda McMahon selected to induct The Ultimate Warrior into the WWE hall of fame, and more
Bret vs. Shawn discussion, Montreal Screwjob and the fall out, what if scenarios, and more
Thoughts on WWE Network improvements, editing of content, new content to be added, and more
Headaches launching the WWE Network on PS3, Roku, and on the WWE App, glitches with the Network, calling customer support, lack of push for Wade Barrett, and more
The death of the Survivor Series PPV concept, bad PPV names, the passing of Viscera, praise for John Cena, and missing the boat on turning him heel, and more
Frank’s live experience at Monday Night Raw in LA, WWE name changes, Toby Keith not buying TNA, 1 out of 4 Americans didn’t know the earth revolves around the sun, and more
TNA’s latest domestic dismal attendance numbers, Frank shoots on CM Punk, the Xavier Woods character, and more
CM Punk’s abrupt exist from WWE, the ramifications, MVP being revealed as TNA’s mystery investor, TNA Impact taping weeks of Impact, Jeff Jarrett’s teaser video, 9/11 truther at the super bowl post game press conference, more
What happened at the Royal Rumble, the crowd reaction, the lack of surprise participants, Mick Foley’s comments, Daniel Bryan, Dixie Carter’s over exposure, 9/11, NSA, TSA, and more!
Daniel Bryan’s reaction on last week’s Raw, Sting’s future, TNA’s poor attendance at house shows, the potential of a new wrestling promotion with Jeff Jarrett and country star Toby Keith, the passing of Mae Young
The launce of WWE’s Network, the future of WWE on PPV, Jeff Jarrett, AJ Styles, Sting, Daniel Wyatt, WWE unifying the world titles, no more babyfaces and heels