Miss Natural and Stacey O'Brien

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A look back at the year in wrestling, favorite moments of 2014, Raw being hard to watch, the domestic case involving Kevin Nash and his son, NFL officiating becoming a parody of WWE officiating, and more
Savage’s expected WWE hall of fame announcement, the Michael Cole debate, WWE asks up the announce teams, TNA debuts on Destination America, McMahon writing Roman Reigns’ promo, and more
Former WWE superstar Ricardo Rodriquez talks WWE creative, WWE’s ever changing wellness policy, poor video game pay outs, the draining road schedule, leaving WWE, Triple H, Vince McMahon, and more
Savage announced for the WWE hall of fame, Hogan to induct the Macho Man, thoughts on the WWE Network’s Monday Night War series, Ashley Massaro vs. Sunny, Russo being buried again, and more
Eric Bischoff talks the infamous Finger poke of Doom, Bret Hart’s bitterness, origins of the nWo theme music, Sting, Savage, Bill Goldberg, What exactly happened at Bash at the Beach 2000, more
Frank Dee and Atlee Greene discuss the Raw Reunion episode, the upcoming Royal Rumble, Jim Ross-Josh Mathews twitter exchange, The Undertaker’s status, sports entertainment vs. pro wrestling, more
Jeff Jarrett discusses the concept of Global Force Wrestling, his relationship with Vince McMahon, status with TNA, his WWE and TNA highlights, the PPV market, ending his in ring career, Vince Russo, regrets, more
Stevie Richards discusses the origins of the Blue World Order, the WWE Network, re-inventing himself, today’s wrestling products, ECW nostalgia, his TNA stint, RTC, Raven, Jake Roberts, more
Frank Dee, Atlee Greene, and the lovely Cassidy Ash shares their thoughts on the Royal Rumble pay-per-view, Seth Rollins shows he is ready for the main event, lack of a reaction for DDP’s return to the ring, more
Smith Hart comments on WWE’s current creative direction, dealings with John Laurinaitis, his relationship with his brothers Bruce, Keith, and Bret, Stampede Wrestling, Vince Russo, more
Roman Reigns being forced down our throats, WWE to no longer brand Wrestlemanias by numbers, WWE Network reaches one million subscribers, Celebrities in the WWE hall of fame, David Benoit, more
Analysis of the Steve Austin-Triple H podcast, WWE’s double standards, the DX vs. NWO debate, ROH’s financial woes, Alberto Del Rio in ROH, Chyna, Sunny, CM Punk, announcements, more
Former WWE diva Terri Runnels talks the Brian Pillman angle, why Shane McMahon left wrestling, WWE hall of fame, Vince Russo, Chris Benoit, Saturn, more
WWE hall of famer “The Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase discusses never winning the WWF title, his relationship with Virgil, Ultimate Warrior, Undertaker, Steve Austin, WCW, nWo, more
Samoa Joe and TNA part ways, Rhyno working in NXT, How WWE should use Kane these days, Lesnar’s future, Nelson Frazier’s widows files a wrongful death lawsuit against WWE, Chyna’s allegations against Triple H, more
Part I with Paul London. The former WWE superstar on why he stopped working for Ring of Honor, receiving a $0.97 royalty check from TNA, Why he doesn’t trust WWE, his smile during the McMahon limo being blown up angle, NXT, more
Part II with Paul London. He talks WWE not caring about the wrestler’s well being, being yelled at by Vince, sloppiest wrestler he ever worked against, Benoit, suffering concussions while working for WWE, more
Part III with Paul London. London talks heat on Chyna and the WWE hall of fame, Samoa Joe’s future, thoughts on today’s wrestling product, What Chris Kanyon told him about working in WWE, McMahon not liking him, more
The success of WWE’s YouTube channel, Roman Reigns rumor, Brock Lesnar leaves Raw without appearing on TV, the Memphis crowd for WWE’s Fastlane PPV, Frank is buying a replica big gold belt, Daniel Bryan, more
Bill DeMott finally steps down as head WWE developmental trainer, no buzz for Wrestlemania 31, Lesnar shows up at UFC 184, Mysterio leaves WWE, Madusa announced for WWE hall of fame honors, Samoa Joe’s future, more
DeMott refutes allegations of wrong doings as WWE head trainer, Matt Bloom succeeds DeMott, TNA’s new set, The Warrior Award, Chyna’s You Tube clips, WWE likely to sign Samoa Joe, Vince McMahon receives a raise, more
The passing of Perro Aguayo Jr., pople blaming Rey Mysterio for the death, media coverage of the story, problems with WWE ShopZone, Kurt Angle wins another TNA title, Lesnar likely to stay with WWE, Samoa Joe likely to sign with WWE, more
TNA remains behind in pay to many wrestlers and production staff, WWE fusses over HBK and Madusa’s hall of fame speeches, Why Kevin Nash didn’t want to be inducted into the WWE hall of fame as Diesel, AJ Lee retires from wrestling, more
TNA remains behind in pay to many wrestlers and production staff, Rikishi not wanting Too Cool at the WWE hall of fame ceremony, Triple H likes to beat WCW talent, AJ Lee retires from wrestling, more
Taz leaving TNA, Suggestions for a good announce team in TNA, Cena/Y2J podcast was the third most watched show on the WWE Network, WWE announces a Kiss my Arse match for Extreme Rules, CM Punk shots on the wrestling business, more
The current friction between Steve Austin and WWE, Another bad break for Daniel Bryan, Batista asked about returning to WWE, Tommy Gilbert filed a lawsuit against WWE, Missy Hyatt arrested, Amazing Red not interesting in returning to TNA, more
Thoughts on Billy Corgan joining TNA’s creative team, WWE brings back the King of The Ring, The legacy of Verne Gagne, Thoughts on WWE’s Extreme Rules, Dana White nixes Ronda Rousey competing in a WWE ring rumors, more
Thoughts on the Michelle Beadle/WWE situation over Floyd Mayweather, Hogan wants to wrestle again, Hogan/Beefcake fall out, Jillian Hall gets arrested, Reflections on the first 99 episodes of the GRP, more
2 Cold Scorpio shoots on PG wrestling, Vince McMahon, WCW, Vince Russo, Marcus Bagwell, racism in wrestling, the WWE hall of fame, the WWE Network, Shane McMahon, Paul Heyman, more
ROH signs a TV deal with Destination America, Destination America decides to drop Impact Wrestling, Samoa Joe debuts in NXT, Bischoff sues TNA, TNA’s lack of growth over the years, Sunny considering an offer to do an adult film, more
Goldberg spears Scott Steiner, WWE interested in TNA talent, Samoa Joe injuries Tyson Kidd, prospects of Steve Austin wrestling at Wrestlemania 32, WWE finally to release an Owen Hart DVD, passing of Tommy Rogers, more
Remembering “The American Dream” Dusty Rhodes, The legacy of Rhodes, The “Dusty Finish”, McMahon upset with Steve Austin over the latest podcast, Punk vs. Hogan on Twitter, Red Roster gimmick, Why WWE is upset with ROH, more
USA Network says wrestling’s popularity goes in cycles, TNA’s TV situation, Undertaker vs. Sting at Summerslam, Jay Lethal wins the ROH heavyweight title, Austin vs. Piper spat, Jarrett going into the TNA hall of fame, more
Frank Dee and Atlee Greene take an informative look at 1996 with introduction of the nWo storyline and it’s influence on the Wrestling world.
A look back at the legendary career of “Rowdy” Roddy Piper, his beef with the WWE Hall of Fame, why he felt he never won the WWF championship, Piper’s disastrous MSG debut, more
Virgil explains why he should be in the WWE hall of fame, thoughts on the Hogan racial controversy, the passing of “Rowdy” Roddy Piper, comments made about him by CM Punk, more
The fall out from the Virgil interview, Chyna corners Triple H at Piper’s memorial service, McMahon doesn’t attend, Bischoff’s selective memory, creative control in wrestling, WWE politics, more
Where Cena ranks among the greatest WWE champions, Chyna responds Sean Waltman over the incident at Roddy Piper’s funeral, Lesnar comments on ending The Undertaker’s Wrestlemaia streak, Taker’s greatest rivals, more
Chelsea Green reflects on her Tough Enough experience, training with Lance Storm, developing a wrestling character, being “Megan Miller” on WWE television, being labeled a “Diva” vs. a wrestler, goals, the WWE Network, more
Sting injured at Night of Champions, WWE wants talent to steer clear of Hogan, Nash’s Twitter hacked, Kenny King returns to ROH, Virgil’s latest insanity, Kane storyline being a rip off of a TNA angle, more
State of pro wrestling/sports entertainment, James Storm makes his NXT debut, Hardy wins the TNA title, Carter’s latest “big announcement,” reasons why the WCW invasion ultimately failed, more
Long reacts to being inducted into the GERWECK.NET Hall of Fame, missing WWE, learning from Dusty Rhodes and Vince McMahon, Ole Anderson’s legendary bitterness, The “White Boy Challenge,” more