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Teddy Long returns to GRP! The suspension of Titus O’Neil, passing of Axl Rotten, Bret Hart batting prostate cancer, the Super Bowl, Bryan’s retirement on TV, and more
The return of Shane McMahon, Shane vs. Undertaker at Wrestlemania 32, Wade Barrett leaving WWE, rumors of Rey Mysterio’s WWE return, Teddy Long talks Ahmed Johnson, Vince Russo, Jesse Ventura, more
Vince Russo returns to GRP! Topics discussed include the return of Shane McMahon, The Godfather and the WWE hall of fame, Vince McMahon’s mistakes, TNA losing viewers, heat with JBL, more
Teddy Long recalls the Michael Hayes-Mark Henry incident, does Steve Austin receive a free pass for his domestic violence arrest, WWE possibly bringing back the brand extension, and more
Teddy Long talks TNA being for sale and an idea he pitched the company after his WWE departure, Big Bossman picked for the WWE hall of fame, Carlito, Maven, Ernest “The Cat” Miller, more
The Honky Tonk Man on why he never signed with WCW, heat with Eric Bischoff, the Hogan vs. Gawker trial, the impact of MMA on wrestling today, TNA, WWE’s developmental system, WWE hall of fame, more
Teddy Long on WWE urban legends, Mr. Anderson’s future, WWE’s developmental system, lack of characters and gimmicks in wrestling today, ROH, Disco Inferno’s backstage heat, the use of Dolph Ziggler, more
Teddy Long on which match should main event Wrestlemania 32, Hogan beats Gawker, Sting not retiring, Bobby Roode and Eric Young leave TNA, is Vince McMahon still a genius, Stan Hansen, and more
Sean Waltman discusses his Raw experience in Philadelphia, Hogan beating Gawker, Vince Russo, Dixie Carter, WCW, DX, nWo, and more
Thoughts on NXT’s Dallas Takeover, WWE’s hall of fame ceremony, Flair’s long winded induction of Sting, the LONG Wrestlemania 32 show, WWE mutes the boos for Reigns, Ryder wins the IC title, more
Thoughts on the new NXT talent called up to the main roster, Teddy shares stories about Road Warrior Hawk, Bobby Eaton, CM Punk, and Jacqueline, Lesnar’s WWE pay, CM Punk’s future, Slick or Teddy for WWE HOF, more
The passing of Balls Mahoney, Karl Anderson & Doc Gallows debut on Raw, TNA downsizing, possible opponent for Undertaker at Wrestlemania next year, Bill Demott, Kristal Marshall, more
The passing of Chyna, her legacy and reflections on her career, WWE suspends Adam Rose and Konnor again, update on TNA, Ryback is upset, Samoa Joe wins the NXT – but what does it mean, more
WWE remembers Chyna on Raw, Billy Gunn’s wife tweets, John Cena returning, Bret Hart not happy about appearing at Payback, WWE using blood capsules more, WWE staying PG, more
Thoughts on WWE’s Payback, Ryback’s future, WWE bringing back Bob Backlund, Titus O’Neil returns, Hulk Hogan sues Gawker, again, TNA owe Bobby Roode and Eric Young six figures, more
Thoughts on WWE’s Black Friday, The future for the WWE talent just released, Orton’s future, the stupidity of TNA, Big Cass’s promo abilities, WWE’s “New Era,” Adam Cole joins the Bullet Club, more
The release of the Brooklyn Brawler, the WWE Network debate, Adam Rose arrested, Emma injured, McMahon sells 2.2 million shares of WWE, Triple H signs a new 3 year talent contract, more
Cody Rhodes requests his WWE release, Adam Rose officially released by WWE, the brutal Charlotte/Ric Flair segment on Raw, Seth Rollin returns, thoughts on Extreme Rules, more
Long encounters Buff Bagwell & Ric Flair, Smackdown going live, possible roster changes, AJ Styles being “buried,” RVD going through a divorce, a boring Raw episode, Jericho’s impressive heel run, more
Long talks about returning to WWE TV, Frank Dee thinks he was buried, feedback Teddy received from Vince McMahon, Brock Lesnar announced for UFC 200, UFC punishes Ariel Helwani, more
Teddy responds to critics of his return to Raw, Kane not getting the “Teddy Long” treatment on Raw this week, Smackdown drops below 2 million viewers, Hogan buries Gawker, more
Thoughts on WWE’s Money in the Bank, the finish of the Cena vs. Styles match, The Club’s new logo, Possible WWE returns, Gail Kim announced for the TNA Hall of Fame, Lawler arrested, more
Thoughts on the Roman Reigns suspension, WWE’s double standards for drug testing, Brock Lesnar to be on the cover of WWE 2K17, Nancy Benoit’s sister speaks out on Jericho’s podcast, more
Vickie Guerrero returns, WWE’s revamped PPV schedule, 20th anniversary of the NWO, Bret Hart vs. Triple H, Vince’s idea for a Reigns redemption tour, Otunga’s TV commentary, more
Raw and Smackdown commissioners announced on Raw, Raw’s 1.87 rating, Best Raw GM, Lesnar’s big UFC pay day, Lesnar’s big UFC pay day, Impact switching nights, Moose to TNA, more
Thoughts on the WWE draft, Mick Foley named Raw general manager, Shane McMahon’s lack luster return, another lawsuit against WWE, Flair getting married again, Lesnar’s situation, more
Thoughts on WWE’s Battleground PPV, WWE creating a new Universal title, Jinder Mahal returning to WWE, Jeff Hardy’s bizarre behavior, Del Rio not happy being moved to Smackdown, more
Russo returns to the podcast to discuss his new “The Business of The Business” project, the on going heat with Jim Cornette, WWE pandering to the IWC, Dean Ambrose as WWE champion, more
Rumored Wrestlemania match, Lilian Garcia leaves WWE, Road Warrior deletes his comment about Sasha Banks, good week for Paul Heyman, Lisa Marie Varon enters the GERWECK.NET Hall of Fame, more
Possible Orton trade to Raw, Ryback’s future, WWE teases a Mickie James return, Shelton Benjamin unable to return to WWE due to an injury, Joey Styles released by WWE, declining ratings, more
Teddy talks about not being paid for appearing at a legends fest in Georgia, Orndorff confronts the promoter after the show, Summerslam predictions, Sandow debuts in TNA as Aron Rex, more
Booker T talks Conor McGregor, leaving WWE for TNA, WCW’s demise, Bagwell match, Hulk Hogan, Sherri Martel, the legacy of Harlem Heat, being inducted into the WWE hall of fame by Stevie Ray, more
Finn Balor injured, surrenders the WWE Universal title on Raw, thoughts on Summerslam, the controversial finish of the Lesnar vs. Orton match, three WWE superstars suspended by WWE, Dudley Boyz, more
The passing of Mr. Fuji, Triple H returns to TV and helps Kevin Owens win the Universal title, Bret Hart continues to shoot on Seth Rollins’ recklessness in the ring, Bo Dallas arrest, more
AJ Styles wins the WWE title, CM Punk makes his UFC debut, Punk’s future, Del Rio/Paige/WWE, Usos turn heel, Jack Swagger headed to Smackdown, Ryback changes his name to Ryback, more
Thoughts on Clash of Champions, the poor use of Gallows and Anderson, TNA’s future, Cody and Brandi Rhodes signs with TNA, D-Von Dudley hired as a WWE agent, Rico’s declining health, more
TNA survives the weekend, runs Bound for Glory, Dixie Carter confirms WWE’s interest in purchasing the video library, Carter’s backstage meeting with talent, WWE talks to Goldberg, more
Three Hell in a Cell matches announced, WWE books the WWE title match at No Mercy as the curtain jerker, Bret Hart shoots on The Freebirds, Paige suspended by WWE, Eva Marie’s future, more
Jericho carrying the Raw show, The Undertakr has hip surgery, WWE billing Goldberg as the greatest WCW champion, Bret Hart apologizes to Michael Hayes, the hypocrisy of Mick Foley, HBK, more
Charlotte vs. Sasha Banks headlines Hell in a Cell, thoughts on the Hell in a Cell PPV, WWE changes nights for the hall of fame ceremony, Corgan unsuccessful in TNA lawsuit, Undertaker’s status, more
Thoughts on the Survivor Series PPV, Feedback on the Lesnar/Goldberg finish, Smackdown celebrates 900 episodes, James Ellsworth signs a WWE deal, NXT Toronto Takeover, Samoa Joe, Y2J/Sin Cara, more