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Podcast: Bret vs. Shawn discussion, Montreal Screwjob and the fall out, what if scenarios, and more

Podcast: Bret vs. Shawn discussion, Montreal Screwjob and the fall out, what if scenarios, and more

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bret vs. shawn podcast

Steve Gerweck and Frank D tackle a topical discussion on the Bret Hart vs. Shawn Michaels rivalry.

Topics include:

– Was the Montreal screwjob a work?
– Why did Vince McMahon put the WWF belt on Bret Hart if he wanted him out of the company?
– Why didn’t they switch the title in Detroit the night before?
– What would have happened if Bret had jumped to WCW in 1996?
– Did McMahon make the right decision letting Bret go?
– What if Owen Hart had been granted his WWF release?
– Did WWF properly push Owen after Bret’s departure?
– Missed opportunities for WCW after the Montreal screwjob.
– Was Bret vs. Shawn the greatest wrestling rivalry?
– and more in this 90 minute podcast

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One Response

  1. John Mohlman says:

    How can you have a discussion about the Montreal Screwjob without interviewing Joe Dombrowski? The single best source for information on this topic is his Montreal Theory DVD. Dombrowski logically presents the case on both sides of the issue including all of the history as depicted in the Observer and Wrestling With Shadows and then presents interviews with (among others) Kevin Kelly, Jerry Lawler, Jerry Jarrett, Raven and Steve Corino that shows there is enough evidence to suggest the entire thing was a work. Granted, you covered some of the same questions but Dombrowski provides logical answers. Dude, seriously, get this guy on a podcast and get his take. The DVD has been out for about a year or so and is must see material if you’re interested in this topic.

    Personally I think the Punk walkout is the same type of thing. All sides have set themselves up for a monsterous payoff down the line and the key to all of wrestling is follow the money. If one of the big things Punk was upset about was his belief that this was Bryan’s time, he got exactly what he wanted with the insertion of DB in the WM main event. What if Punk shows up at WM during the Trips – Bryan match and helps DB go over and then isnt seen again until next years WM build? Huge numbers. Just throwing that out there.

    Anyway check out or see if you can find a copy on eBay or Amazon. Fantastic DVD

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