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Stevie Richards

photo credit: Lee South

Real name: Mike Manna
Height: 6’2″
Weight: 227 lbs.
Date of birth: October 9, 1971
Hometown: Philadelphia, PA
Resides: Navarre, FL
Pro debut: February 25, 1992
Trained by: Mike Sharpe
Finishing move: Stevie Kick


– Richards competed in the first ever ECW (then Eastern Championship Wrestling) match. He battled Jimmy Jannetty to a 20-minute time limit draw.
– After a stint in the WWWA (World Wide Wrestling Alliance), Richards returned to ECW at Heatwave ’94 with a valet, Angel.
– At Holiday Hell ’94, Richards defeated J.T. Smith.
– The night Raven made his ECW debut, he assisted Richards in downing Hack Myers.
– Richards brought the stunning Beulah McGillicutty to ECW to reunite with Raven. Eventually Richards started to dress like Raven, his mentor.
– Raven and Richards defeated Public Enemy of June 30, 1995 for the ECW World Tag Team title in Jim Thorpe, PA.
– At Hardcore Heaven ’95, Raven and Richards beat Tommy Dreamer and Luna Vachon when Richards pinned Luna to successfully defended the ECW World Tag Team title.
– A regular female fan at ringside took a liking to Richards; she turned out to be the Queen of Extreme Francine.
– At Wrestlepalooza ’95, Raven, Richards, Snot and Big Dick Dudley downed Tommy Dreamer, Cactus Jack (Mick Foley), and The Pitbulls.
– On August 26, 1995, Richards was the guest referee in a match between McGillicutty and Francine. Richards obeyed Raven’s wishes, and Stevie kicked Francine, allowing Raven’s girl Beulah to gain the victory.
– Raven and Richards regained the ECW World Tag Team title from Francine’s Pitbulls on October 7, 1995.
– Two weeks later, Richards teamed with Frank Staletto to defeat Lou Marconi and the Black Cat for the SCW (Steel City Wrestling) tag team title. After the match, Richards attacked Staletto, breaking up the team.
– At the 1995 November 2 Remember, Richards pulled the Blue Meanie (now the Blue Boy) from the crowd. He would become Richards’ lacky.
– A short time later, the Pitbulls broke Stevie’s arm in Reading, PA.
– On April 21, 1996, Richards and the Blue Meanie captured the SCW Tag Team title from Lou Marconi, and his former partner, Frank Staletto in Edgewood, PA.
– Richards and the Blue Meanie created the bWo (Blue World Order) as a parody of the New World Order. The group consisted of Big Stevie Cool (Richards), Da Blue Guy, Hollywood Nova, 7-11, and the Inchworm.
– Richards eventually Stevie kicked Raven, temporally ending their relationship.
– At Cyberslam ’97, Richards defeated Balls Mahoney.
– In May 1997, Richards suffered a concussion in a match against Terry Funk.
– Richards followed Raven to WCW a few months later. Stevie became a member of Raven’s flunkies known as the Flock.
– After a short and unsuccessful stint with WCW, Richards returned to ECW.
– On September 19, 1998, Richards pinned Jimmy Jannetty for the vacant LAW title in Twin Oaks, PA.
– Richards captured the NWA 2000 title on April 24, 1999 from Doug Gilbert.
– On June 13, 1999, Richards beat Julio Sanchez for the APWF (Allied Powers Wrestling Federation) title in DuBois, PA.
– A short time later, Richards and the Blue Meanie (now known as the Blue Boy) headed to the World Wrestling Federation.
– After impersonating several wrestlers, the WWF gave him the Steven Richards gimmick. Richards created the RTC (the Right To Censor) with Bull Buchanan.
– At Summerslam 2000 in Raleigh, NC, RTC (now with the Goodfather) defeated Too Cool and Rikishi when Richards pinned Scottie Too Hottie.
– Richards tore the PCL in his right knee during the “Smackdown” tapings in Fayetteville, NC on August 29, 2000.
– On the September 4, 2000 edition of “Raw,” the Right To Censor group abducted Val Venis. The following week, Venis joined the RTC.
– At No Mercy in Albany, NY, RTC (Richards and Venis) defeated Chyna and Billy Gunn when Eddy Guerrero interfered.
– Richards pinned Jerry “The King” Lawler at No Way Out ’01 in Las Vegas, NV. As a result, The Kat became a member of the RTC.
– After months away from television, Richards returned on the September 3, 2001 editin of “Raw,” and Steven kicked the Undertaker.
– The next night on Smackdown, Richards brought Kronic out to attack The Undertaker.
– On March 10, 2002, Richards defeated Rico Constantino to capture the HWA (Heartland Wrestling Association) title.
– On the April 29, 2002 edition of “Raw,” Richards pinned Bubba Ray Dudley to capture the WWF Hardcore title in Buffalo, NY.
– By the end of 2002, Richards formed an on air relationship with Victoria.
– On January 24, 2003, Richards defeated Rico in Tokyo, Japan.
– Richards reunited with the Blue Meanie as the Blue World Order on January 24, 2004 in Philadelphia, PA.
– On June 30, 2005, Richards was traded to the “Smackdown” roster.
– Richards rejoined ECW on June 7, 2006.
– On August 15, 2008, Richards was released by WWE.
– In January 2010, Richards announced his departure from TNA.

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