Colt Cabana returns to AEW on Dynamite

Nov 3, 2022 - by Colin Vassallo

A visibly-emotional Colt Cabana was the mystery former ROH champion who took on Chris Jericho on Dynamite last night.

Cabana has not appeared on AEW television in a very long time and the last time he was on TV was at the ROH Death Before Dishonor Zero Hour show on July 23, beating Anthony Henry.

“I returned to national TV last night on @AEW,” wrote Cabana reacting to his appearance. “I love wrestling!”

Cabana’s disappearance from AEW TV was rumored to be attributed to CM Punk’s arrival. The two former best friends are not on speaking terms anymore and were involved in legal fights against each other. AEW President Tony Khan refused the suggestion that Cabana was relegated to ROH because of CM Punk.

But with Punk out of the picture now, Cabana’s return surely cannot be a coincidence as he has not wrestled on Dynamite since the November 24, 2021 episode.

2 Responses

  1. Drew says:

    That’s the exact moment I quit watching.
    I was legit hoping for a former ROH World Champion, not just someone that held a title in the company.

  2. Jake Allen says:

    Tony isn’t shrewd or creative enough to have done this on his own. This has Jericho’s stink all over it – “Hey, you know what will stick it to Punk? Let me fight Colt so we can continue the lie that Punk tried to get him fired, and then that way I can look like I’m important and morally superior.” What a clown company this is.

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