Create a Pro Wrestling honors Kris Statlander

Aug 31, 2023 - by James Walsh

In an interview with Alicia Atout (via Fightful), Kris Statlander commented on Create-A-Pro Wrestling using her likeness for their new CAP Women’s title. The belt was introduced on July 30 and the first-ever champion will be crowned soon.

Statlander said:

“Yeah, I just want to first off say that I’m so so glad that there are more females that are like sticking through it. Finally, because Create-A-Pro was around for maybe three years before I even joined. Then, the fact that I was the first one to ever officially graduate is such an honor. I’m proud of myself for sticking through with something that I didn’t really know what I was doing when I got into it. I remember, Brian Myers actually showed me the belt like a month or two before they had announced the tournament, and then all the girls that were are going to be involved in it, they had no idea about that. So it was a surprise to everybody else, but I knew about it. It’s such an honor. I honestly feel like it’s more of an honor to be on the belt than for me to ever even win it. Because I already had my chance. I made my legacy there of being the first female and then I made it to AEW. Now that I’m on a belt, and there’s finally enough women that they can have a division and people look up to me even though I’m still a student, I’m learning every single day. The fact that there’s people joining now because of me and wanting to get involved because of me, and now, there’s something of me that they can win, it’s wild. I would never feel right challenging for that belt because it feels like it’s almost like in dedication to me that it’s selfish for me to even want it and I don’t want it. I want everyone that’s been training and working hard trying to follow in my footsteps to have that moment and to have something that they can achieve.”

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