Audio: AEW All In Media Call – Tickets distributed, Sting, Cash Wheeler, more

Aug 22, 2023 - by Steve Gerweck

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Tony Khan AEW media call notes…

– Tony Khan on the media call happening now says All In has approximately 80,000 tickets distributed and a gate close to $10 million.

– Asked if he would give a ticket audit after the show to minimize the coming controversy about attendance, Khan said he isn’t sure about doing that and asks, “What would WWE do with that request?” He is looking forward to announcing an “accurate” number.

– Asked about whether All In is the precursor for a more regular presence in the UK for AEW, Khan strongly hints at an future announcement related to that.

– Khan said the start dates of The Elite’s new deals are different due to injury time, etc., and isn’t sure when all of the end dates are.” Says they are all multi-year deals, but he didn’t confirm the actual number of years.

– Khan reiterates that he wants to keep Sting around as long as possible and is very excited his match this weekend will be a great moment for him in a great career. “I don’t want it to end and I won’t be the one to pull the plug on (his career).”

– Khan says to “expect some other changes to the card” in some cases due to issues not related to the world of pro wrestling, not changes that will affect the quality of the show. He will explain changes after All In.

– Khan said there will be adjustments to the All In card: some of which were planned and some that will be on the fly. He said he would love if a card he put together months ago came through as originally planned. He said putting this card together has been “challenging.”

– Asked about roles of The Elite as EVPs vs. those of Jericho & Punk who don’t have titles but have influence, Khan said the EVPs have a variety of responsibilities. He doesn’t specifically say what those are and how they are different.

– Asked about specifics on when he learned about Cash Wheeler situation, Khan says he hasn’t known for a long time but doesn’t give those specifics. Has been trying to gather facts and information, but can’t comment much about it.

– Asked about whether FTR vs. Bucks was in jeopardy due to Cash Wheeler, he can’t comment on specifics as there are details he doesn’t know. Keeping an eye on the “inconclusive situation.” Different than other situations based on evidence as they don’t have all facts right now.

sources: Brandon Thurston, Wrestling Observer

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