Audio: AEW All In Media Call – Tickets distributed, Sting, Cash Wheeler, more

Tuesday, Aug 22, 2023

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Tony Khan AEW media call notes…

– Tony Khan on the media call happening now says All In has approximately 80,000 tickets distributed and a gate close to $10 million.

– Asked if he would give a ticket audit after the show to minimize the coming controversy about attendance, Khan said he isn’t sure about doing that and asks, “What would WWE do with that request?” He is looking forward to announcing an “accurate” number.

– Asked about whether All In is the precursor for a more regular presence in the UK for AEW, Khan strongly hints at an future announcement related to that.

– Khan said the start dates of The Elite’s new deals are different due to injury time, etc., and isn’t sure when all of the end dates are.” Says they are all multi-year deals, but he didn’t confirm the actual number of years.

– Khan reiterates that he wants to keep Sting around as long as possible and is very excited his match this weekend will be a great moment for him in a great career. “I don’t want it to end and I won’t be the one to pull the plug on (his career).”

– Khan says to “expect some other changes to the card” in some cases due to issues not related to the world of pro wrestling, not changes that will affect the quality of the show. He will explain changes after All In.

– Khan said there will be adjustments to the All In card: some of which were planned and some that will be on the fly. He said he would love if a card he put together months ago came through as originally planned. He said putting this card together has been “challenging.”

– Asked about roles of The Elite as EVPs vs. those of Jericho & Punk who don’t have titles but have influence, Khan said the EVPs have a variety of responsibilities. He doesn’t specifically say what those are and how they are different.

– Asked about specifics on when he learned about Cash Wheeler situation, Khan says he hasn’t known for a long time but doesn’t give those specifics. Has been trying to gather facts and information, but can’t comment much about it.

– Asked about whether FTR vs. Bucks was in jeopardy due to Cash Wheeler, he can’t comment on specifics as there are details he doesn’t know. Keeping an eye on the “inconclusive situation.” Different than other situations based on evidence as they don’t have all facts right now.

sources: Brandon Thurston, Wrestling Observer

Audio: AEW x NJPW: Forbidden Door Media Call: CM Punk, Goldberg, Bellator, more

Thursday, Jun 22, 2023

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Tony Khan AEW media call notes: CM Punk, Owen Hart tournament, Forbidden Door

– Khan said Adam Cole is not in this year’s Owen Hart tournament due to a commitment to the blind draw tag team eliminator tournament.

Madison Rayne has been out of action due to a foot injury. Madison Rayne and Sarah Stock have been involved creatively with the women’s division. He added that he talks to a lot of women in AEW for perspective/creative elements.

– Khan said CM Punk returning has been “a positive experience” thus far and didn’t directly answer about having The Elite and Punk in the same building Sunday. He later confirmed Punk has no ownership stake in AEW.

– Asked about CM Punk’s “One Bil Phil” line and using WBD’s David Zaslav by name, Khan likened it to when WCW used Ted Turner’s name on TV.

– Khan said Punk vs. Kojima is a match he has always wanted to see. Didn’t directly address why KENTA wasn’t an option.

– Khan said he has had “nice conversations” with Goldberg about being involved with AEW. Puts him over as a legend and one of the biggest names in wrestling.

– Tony Khan says revenue-wise, AEW generates nine figures and “are pushing to hit that magic number” for media rights that Punk referenced ($1 billion).

– Khan suggested there may be a way to get more companies involved in Forbidden Door, specifically with lucha libre promotions.

– Khan said the reason Stardom wasn’t included in FD was due to them running a PPV the same day. There is mutual interest in working together someday.

– Khan said Jack Perry was the top choice to face SANADA for the IWGP title. Cited his development and his challenge of MJF for the title in the four-way at Double or Nothing.

– Regarding Wednesday’s report by Ariel Helwani that the Khans were interested in buying Bellator MMA, Khan said he was surprised to see that and denied having any conversations about anything with Bellator.

Recap credit: Wrestlingobserver.com and audio provided by All Elite Wrestling

Audio: Tony Khan’s Double or Nothing media call: brand split, Collision, Sting, and more

Friday, May 26, 2023

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Tony Khan AEW media call notes: Brand split, Collision, Jamie Hayter injury, Sting. The AEW head was not asked about CM Punk during the call.

AEW head Khan addressed the media Thursday on a conference call to promote Double or Nothing, address questions about a potential brand split, future announcements for Collision, and more.

Here are notes from the call with the full audio linked below:

-When asked about a potential brand split, Khan wouldn’t give a firm answer on what will happen when Collision debuts. He said he wants fans to wonder what is going to happen with the roster and is excited to eventually follow up on that question.

-When asked about the television deal for Collision, Khan said the length of the deal for the new show is the same as they currently have for Dynamite and Rampage, but didn’t disclose any financials. He said Warner Bros Discovery reached out to them with the idea of adding another show.

-Regarding running Collision on Saturdays, Khan said Saturday nights are the best event nights for live shows and selling tickets. He said they have to do something special and make it destination viewing and believes they have plans in place to do so.

-When asked about Taya Valkyrie, Khan responded that she is very experienced, a great wrestler, and great in the locker room. He also said she is the biggest challenge Jade Cargill has faced yet.

-When asked about possibly going up against the NFL’s Saturday games and with PPVs on Sundays, Khan said he generally doesn’t want to do it and it would be very tough competition. However, he sounded as though he understands it will happen. He also mentioned that AEW is on the radar of NFL executives, who have noticed the ratings they bring in.

-Asked for an update on Jamie Hayter, Khan would not give a clear answer regarding if she will wrestle on the pay-per-view. He mentioned that she was not cleared for a match recently but otherwise avoided giving an answer.

-Khan said that Sabu won’t be a regular on AEW programming but could make future guest appearances after Double or Nothing. He mentioned that he and his father saw Sabu in the ECW Arena when Tony was 13 years old and that his father texted him after seeing Sabu on Dynamite Wednesday.

-Khan praised Jungle Boy, Sammy Guevara, MJF, and Darby Allin as well as the Four Pillars storyline they have been involved with.

-Asked about possible future announcements regarding Collision, Khan said he is definitely being “intentionally secret” about where all of this is going. This was the closest anyone came to asking about Punk.

-Khan commented on WWE NXT Battleground happening on the same night as Double or Nothing. He said he’s always eager to compete so long as it’s done with ethical standards. Khan also said he doesn’t consider them running a show on the same night as an unethical move but “the other side” has acted unethically in the past.

-Khan said that with the addition of Collision, he wants more people helping out with creative. He mentioned QT Marshall, Pat Buck, Jerry Lynn, Dean Malenko, Madison Rayne, Sarah Stock, BJ Whitmer, and Will Washington as those who contribute from a creative perspective. He also said he’s been leaning on Bryan Danielson more lately.

-Khan said he is confident they will get wrestlers from Stardom for Forbidden Door.

-Khan was asked if Collision means AEW will be running more pay-per-views and responded that it’s something they could consider but only if it made sense regarding their deal with Warner Bros Discovery.

-Regarding a potential Sting retirement match, Khan said Sting can wrestle as long as he wants to. Sting hasn’t given him a date on when he will retire. He praised what Sting brings to the company. Khan called Sting’s retirement match the biggest moment in wrestling that’s out there right now.

-Asked about possible commentators for AEW Collision, Khan complimented Veda Scott and said he’s got some names in mind that people might find surprising.

-He said he suggested Willow Nightingale for the NJPW Strong Women’s title tournament. Khan praised her performances in Ring of Honor and AEW.

-In response to a question on Mercedes Mone’s injury possibly changing plans for Forbidden Door, Khan said that Mone was probably the odds-on favorite to win the tournament. He said only he and Mone know about any conversations for the June PPV.

-Khan did not provide broadcast details for All In, nor information about All Out the following week.

-He confirmed that AEW Dark and Dark: Elevation being canceled is due to the new agreement with Warner Bros Discovery.

-Khan said he doesn’t consider ROH a feeder system, specifically mentioning the promotion’s champions as top stars. Fans can expect a bigger episode of ROH TV this week as well.

Sources: F4WOnline for the recap, AEW for the audio

Audio: Tony Khan’s “ROH: Supercard of Honor” media call

Thursday, Mar 30, 2023

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Notes from today’s “ROH: Supercard of Honor” conference call

Tony Khan on the AEW UK show: “That announcement about AEW in London, it’s coming very, very soon. I don’t want to say exactly when, but believe me, it’ll be very, very soon.

Fact is, we’re getting closer and closer on all of the details you mentioned (dates, venues etc).”

– Khan on the media call happening now says ROH HonorClub is at about 15,000 subscribers going into the pay-per-view tomorrow.

– Khan confirms that Will Ospreay was going to be featured on the Supercard of Honor PPV had he not been injured.

– Khan says Mark Briscoe has made it clear that he will no longer do standard tag team matches following Jay’s passing. Will only do Singles, Trios & Multi-mans but not 2 vs 2 tags.

– Khan gets asked if the way he books ROH has influenced how he books AEW. He says it definitely has. TK then reminds everyone that a HUGE announcement is coming for Wednesday’s Dynamite next week!

– Khan says there’s a lot of possibilities with the potential NJPW/ROH relationship when asked about doing another G1 Supercard. Believes they could pay respect to the late Antonio Inoki who was a real dreamer.

Audio: Tony Khan’s AEW Revolution Media Call

Friday, Mar 3, 2023

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AEW President Tony Khan hosted a media conference call on Thursday, ahead of Sunday’s AEW Revolution PPV.


– Khan was asked about talent freedom to do outside projects. He explained that as long as it doesn’t impact the storylines or TV they make sure to accommodate the talent because he wants a “happy roster.” Says it’s one of the things that sets them apart.

– Khan explained that the bulk of their revenue is television wrestling and PPV specials, & that running house shows is very challenging. They are in the process of developing more house shows to follow. He mentioned that a majority of the roster want the house shows & want to work them

– Khan is asked about what he has learned from Revolution 2020, to now about promoting major events. He says that some things on the card came together earlier, Moxley-Jericho had a long build, a lot of other matches came together closer to the time of event.

– Khan is asked what the decided factor was to bring Revolution to SF and the Chase Center. TK says that the venue is one of the best in the country, and that Revolution is one of their biggest events. He talks about the importance of the market.

– Khan is asked about the PPV Card. Notes that only eight matches have been announced, and asks if we can expect anymore matches to be added at Rampage or if the card is set Tony says that the card is basically set says there hasn’t been anything announced for pre-show.

(thanks to Denise ‘Hollywood’ Salcedo, Cassidy Haynes)

Audio: Tony Khan speaks on Double or Nothing, WB/Discovery, Owen Hart tournament, more

Thursday, May 26, 2022

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Tidbits from today’s AEW Double or Nothing media conference call. Click here for the complete audio.

Tony Khan said for growth and to reach new viewers, the best thing AEW can do is both develop & take care of wrestlers, making it attractive for both young talent & free agents. Says there’s an opportunity to put new eyes through streaming & has been working with WB/D as a partner.

– Khan said that on Sunday, fans will see what each Owen Hart Tourney winner will receive. Martha Hart & family have signed off. “I promise it will be cool.

– Khan says John Morrison/Johnny Elite is welcome back and may be someone’s he interested in bringing back int he future. Was happy to have him in the Owen tourney

– Khan says he has the best champion in wrestling in Hangman Page.

– Asked why ROH wasn’t bought under AEW, Khan said he just jumped on it personally. He was looking out for AEW and that ROH deserves to be its own stand-alone brand even though he wants them to work together. “Price was right, opportunity was right.

– Khan says they are still working on the return of ROH. Mentions the interesting time in the state of media and talking to WB/Discovery about both ROH and how to expand the AEW audience. Would love to get weekly TV/streaming series & more PPVs going soon.

– Khan says he has thought about women’s trios titles as well. The men’s trios belts would be something I think fans would enjoy. He would love to add more titles & champions if they make sense.

– Khan says he would love AEW to tour Canada. They are still servicing U.S. markets following the pandemic touring shutdown. Doesn’t have an exact date, but hopes it is in the near future. Cites TSN as a great partner and Canadian talent on the roster now.

– Tony Khan said AEW has $1.1 million in ticket sales for Double or Nothing.

– Asked about whether All Out will be in Chicago given Forbidden Door there in June, Khan wants to keep the tradition of the September PPV around the Chicago area. Doesn’t specifically say it will be at the same venue as before.

– Khan says he looks forward to the Owen tournament happening every year. Asked if he has considered a one night general tourney for an event, he had but wants to be respectful of the physical toll it can take on wrestlers to get better matches throughout

– Khan thought it made sense for CM Punk to face top wrestlers when he started and not be rushed into World title scene so he could work his way up. Cites Allin, Kingston, MJF as opponents. Says Hangman Page did the same working his way up.

– Asked about WB/Discovery & assurances about the future, Khan says he has got great feedback. Was honored & blessed that WB is throwing them a party next week in LA and is a big deal. Some of top executives in all WB will be there. “Incredibly reassuring”. Says it’s very positive.

– Asked about inclusion of MJF’s contract into storyline, Khan said wrestling is good when life translates on screen and talks about it playing into Wardlow match. Doesn’t go into specifics about any negotiation, etc.

source: Wrestlingobserver.com

Audio: Cassie Lee and Jessie McKay on joining Impact, leaving WWE, BFG, more

Wednesday, Oct 20, 2021

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At Knockouts Knockdown on October 9, 2021, it was announced that The IIconics, now known as The IInspiration (Cassie Lee and Jessie McKay), would be making their debut for Impact Wrestling at Bound for Glory

On today’s Impact Press Press podcast, the former WWE duo talked about leaving WWE, the possibility of one day returning to WWE, why they opted to join Impact Wrestling, adopting a new tag team name, preparing for Saturday’s Bound for Glory PPV, their excitement for facing new talent, and much more in this one hour podcast.

Audio: News and Notes from Cody’s Double or Nothing conference call

Thursday, May 27, 2021

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Notes from today’s AEW media briefing ahead of the Double or Nothing PPV…

– Rhodes says there’s no plan for a TBS title, but another much-discussed title are coming at some point. TNT Title will remain the TNT Title.

– Rhodes clarifies there is no “AEW focus group” for his promos, he often uses voice memos to prepare promos and lean on people he trusts for feedback, said he misspoke in an interview about the usage of a “focus group”

– Cody says he won’t go back on his promise that he won’t challenge for the AEW title. He does say not being able to say he’s ‘the best’ eats him up.

– Cody says AEW Dynamite will be touring and they’ll judge how many fans can come in depending on what government guidelines where they go. However, they will come back to Daily’s Place regularly as it’s become their home.

– Rhodes says with AEW Rampage, they are looking forward to getting some of their talent “off the bench”. He reiterates they are looking to expand their roster as well

– Asked about recent rumors about EVP in-fighting, Rhodes says he talks to Bucks and Kenny nearly every day and alludes to hard feelings about WWE NXT moving to Tuesdays helping perpetuate it. “There’s no truth to it.”

– Rhodes says DDP introduced him to Anthony Ogogo. DDP introduces him to ‘about 10 people a day he says will change my life. I don’t know what his batting average is, but he was right with Ogogo.’

– Cody is asked about Britt Baker getting an action figure. Cody says he’s not in control of the action figures. “I can say, they will make the action figures that sell. She’s got to be on the list soon.”

– Cody teaches the beginning camps at the Nightmare Factory, which has taught him having patience and helped make him a far better wrestler.

(thanks to Alex McCarthy, Wrestling Observer, & John Pollock)

Audio: Cody Rhodes comments on Paul Wight, Pat McAfee, Sting, Red Velvet, Shaq, more

Wednesday, Mar 3, 2021

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Cody Rhodes conducted a conference call earlier today. You can hear the audio here

Here are some highlights:

– Cody says Paul Wight has been a big part of his career. Says Wight is extremely motivated & wants to be there. Short negotiation process because of that. He’s most excited to have him in the locker room to help guide younger talent on navigating being famous.

– Cody says he bets Sting can have a regular wrestling match again. Puts over his “frenetic motion” as still being there. He thinks he’s in it for the long haul with the AEW family.

– Cody doesn’t think it was a difficult decision for Tully Blanchard to get back in there. Says he has a wild look in his eye that he wishes others had.

– Cody said if there is no more opposition on Wednesdays, he jokes about whether they should make a statement similar to what WWE made when AEW launched.

– In talking about pandemic wrestling, Cody says the marathon Norcross, GA, tapings saved AEW in giving TNT new content and keeping Dynamite going.

– Asked about Shaq and Pat McAfee tweets related to celeb matches, Cody said that’s odd because McAfee reaches out almost every day to get a job in AEW.

– Cody says diversity is paramount for the company and they want to be open and represent as many different cultures and backgrounds as they can.

– Asked about her type of contract, Cody says he hopes Red Velvet gets a full-time deal. “I hope you ask me that question in 24 hours because I think she’s going to kill it tonight.

– Cody says the new TNT hour has a name and he loves it, saying the show will come in ’21. He says other news is coming regarding another show involving AEW talent. “We’ve made some large moves.”

(quotes courtesy of wrestlingobserver.com>

Audio: AEW Media Briefing with Cody Ahead of Full Gear 2020

Friday, Nov 6, 2020

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(Click the image for the audio)

– Cody emphasizes the sports-centric nature that this match is about the rankings and the championship. In AEW there won’t be a “War and Peace” style storyline for every match.

– Cody tells Jon Alba that after this call, there’s a talent meeting with Chris Nowinski. He says you have to plow through background noise and look at the situation, and puts over the medical team. He says they’re doing on-site rehab, too. Claims they’re learning as they go, too

– on the status of Allysin Kay: Cody notes they are “open for business”, Tony Khan has a very good relationship with Billy Corgan, and expects a great match on Saturday. Adds he has known Serena Deeb since he was 20 and is a “special wrestler”.

– On the AEW media call, Cody indicates he won’t likely be using the “Rhodes” name for wrestling purposes but more likely, for third-party & other projects. Cody didn’t go into details but said it occurred without any hard feelings on either side regarding the resolution.

– Cody puts over Serena Deeb as a great presence. Says Tony Khan reached out to Billy Corgan about the match and being for the NWA Women’s title. “Bridges are down” when it comes to using talent

Audio: Tony Khan’s AEW All Out Media Conference Call

Thursday, Sep 3, 2020

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– When asked about free agent Brock Lesnar, Tony Khan said he can’t comment but he’s enjoyed Brock’s work for many years, and that people don’t talk enough about how great Lesnar is. He praises Lesnar but says he can’t comment on the rumors.

– Khan said “Double or Nothing kicked the crap out of WrestleMania.”

– Khan said Daily’s Place will be a little closer to 15% capacity for All Out.

– Khan said he’s proud of Thunder Rosa and Serena Deeb as they hit a home run being in the “semifinal” spot in the second hour. He said he’d love to have Serena Deeb back, and speaks about Tay Conti and Anna Jay being a good team.

– Khan commented Britt’s fractured leg and nose injury weren’t “worked injuries” like MJF’s.

– Khan stated that the cinematic match lends itself to Britt Baker having not been in the ring for months, but says there will be a load of great matches in terms of chain wrestling and matches that showcase the art of wrestling.

Audio: Cody’s AEW Double or Nothing conference call

Thursday, May 21, 2020

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(Click the image for the audio)


– Cody says that the card we will see Saturday is about 90 percent the same as what the direction was going to be before the pandemic happened

– Cody credits Tony Khan and others for helping put the shows on over the past few months.

– Cody says he gets “Stunning” Steve Austin and “Natural” Dustin Rhodes vibes from MJF and Jungle Boy as a peek into AEW’s future.

– He puts over the medical team and the testing the staff and roster are undergoing. Cody thinks a lot of the performers will come out of this as better wrestlers

– They don’t want to “rank” the TNT title, because they want to see what that title actually is. They don’t want to put an identity on it of make it “secondary.” The number one rank isn’t a definite in facing the AEW Champion, they might face the TNT Champion

– Cody’s very happy that AEW has the benefit of Daily’s Place. He likes the environment and would be okay wrestling there for the foreseeable future. There are other places that are wanting AEW as the world opens up, though. He liked that Daily’s has a lot of environments.

– He thinks they’ll stick around in Jacksonville without fans as it makes more sense and it’s safer to stay there.

– Cody reiterates that the Nightmare Factory is not affiliated with AEW, but he’s happy they had the infrastructure to film a few shows there.

– Cody says it’s disappointing to not be able to hug or shake hands, but it might be passe.

Credit: Fightful.com

Audio: Jordyanne Grace talks winning the Knockouts title, favorite match, and more

Wednesday, Feb 12, 2020

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(Click the image for the audio)

Via Impact Press Release:

Jordynne Grace will speak with the media, she will address the IMPACT Wrestling Knockouts Division, including the prestigious Knockouts Championship.

Jordynne, who has been wrestling professionally since 2011, will assess the Knockouts Division, including Taya Valkyrie, Rosemary, Madison Rayne, Kiera Hogan and others.

Jordynne will offer her views on the just-completed IMPACT Wrestling shows at Sam’s Town Live in Las Vegas, plus her thoughts as IMPACT prepares for the A-Town Beatdown on March 6-7 in Atlanta, Georgia.

This Jordynne Grace teleconference will stream live on IMPACT’s YouTube Channel as well as IMPACT’s Facebook Page.

Audio: Booker T discusses Slammiversary, Reality of Wrestling, Deep Impact, RVD, and more

Wednesday, Jun 26, 2019

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Booker T Discusses Deep IMPACT & More On IMPACT Wrestling Press Pass Podcast

On Saturday night, July 6, the night before Slammiversary, IMPACT Wrestling partners with Reality of Wrestling in Houston, Texas for Deep IMPACT, which will air on Twitch. Reality of Wrestling is owned by Hall of Fame wrestler Booker T, who spent several years in IMPACT Wrestling after his Hall of Fame in-ring career in both WCW and WWE.

Booker T is one of the most unique, most decorated athletes to ever step inside a wrestling ring and now spreads his wisdom and knowledge to the next generation at Reality of Wrestling.

Booker T will be the special guest on the IMPACT Wrestling Press Pass Podcast. He joins co-hosts Josh Mathews and Ross Forman to discuss Reality of Wrestling, his star athletes, his views on IMPACT Wrestling, and more.

Press Pass streams live on IMPACT’s YouTube Channel as well as IMPACT’s Facebook Page. Don’t miss your chance to hear from the legendary Booker T this Wednesday.

Audio: Tessa Blanchard on the 5/23/19 Press Pass Podcast

Thursday, May 23, 2019

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Via press release:

Tessa Blanchard, a third-generation wrestling superstar, will discuss her drive to reclaim the Knockouts Championship on Thursday, May 23, on the IMPACT Wrestling Press Pass Podcast.

Tessa will join hosts Josh Mathews and Ross Forman to reflect on her Rebellion pay-per-view match against Gail Kim, which featured her dad (former wrestler Tully Blanchard) sitting ringside. Tessa is the granddaughter of late wrestler Joe Blanchard and is the stepdaughter of Magnum TA.

Tessa has been wrestling since 2014 and was the Knockouts Champion for about five months in 2018 before losing the title to Taya Valkyrie in early-January.

Impact Wrestling Press Pass Podcast with Sami Callihan

Thursday, May 16, 2019

Download MP3 (right click to save)

Sami Callihan will be the special guest on the IMPACT Wrestling Press Pass Podcast, joining co-hosts Josh Mathews and Ross Forman.

Sami personally requested, more like, demanded that he be welcomed on Press Pass to clear the air and get several things off his chest.

He would not comment or elaborate on what specifically he wants to talk about.

Arguably the most sadistic superstar on the IMPACT Wrestling roster, Sami is aligned with fellow Ohio natives Jake and Dave Crist, and now also Madman Fulton. The oVe clan has been running over everyone in their path for months.

Prepare now for this Press Pass Podcast with Sami Callihan, which certainly will be energy-filled.

Interview with wrestler, body builder, fitness model, and LFC fighter Jennifer Thomas

Thursday, May 2, 2019

Download MP3 (right click to save)

I had the pleasure of interviewing wrestler, fitness model, body builder, and Lingerie fighter Jennifer Thomas last night. We talked about her early days with Rick Bassman, training with Bill DeMott, and competing in Ohio Valley Wrestling under a WWE developmental contract. In this interview, Thomas also discussed:

– The tough decision not to move Florida when WWE ended their relationship with OVW
– Al Snow purchasing OVW
– The women’s revolution
– How she stays in incredible shape
– How she got involved with Lingerie Fighting
– A dream wrestling opponent
– If the door is open to returning to WWE
– A funny Vince McMahon story
– her hobbies and interests
– regrets?
– What the future may hold for her
– and more!

Follow Jennifer Thomas on Twitter @RealJenThomas and on Instagram. Be sure to also visit Jennifer’s Youtube channel

Intro music courtesy of Bensound

GRP #159: Thoughts on Wrestlemania, Superstar Shakeup, Angle, Kingston, more

Wednesday, Apr 17, 2019

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Steve Gerweck and Frank Dee return with a brand new edition of the podcast that tells it like it is, the Gerweck Report Podcast. In this episode, topics include:

– Thoughts on Wrestlemania 35
– The odd sequencing of the show
– Angle’s retirement match
– Kofi Kingston captures the WWE championship
– Did we survive all seven hours of the show?
– Who came out ahead in the Superstar Shakeup?
– The insane decision to split up SAnitY
– Is Dean Ambrose really leaving WWE?
– This year’s hall of fame ceremony & the Bret Hart attack
– Time for The Game to hang it up?
– Becky Lynch is The Man?
– Is all forgiven with Hulk Hogan?
– Jim Ross signs with AEW
– Lars Sullivan debuts
– Smackdown to be edgier on Fox?
– and more!

3/28/19 Impact Wrestling Press Pass with Joey Ryan

Thursday, Mar 28, 2019

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Joey Ryan Talks About His High-Profile Intergender Match at United We Stand on Press Pass Podcast

Joey Ryan returns to an IMPACT Wrestling ring on Thursday, April 4, in one of the most-anticipated matches on a show filled with dream matches.

Ryan battles former Knockouts Champion Tessa Blanchard in an intergender match at United We Stand, which will start at 11 p.m. ET at the Rahway Recreation Center (275 East Milton Avenue) in Rahway, New Jersey.

Ryan will discuss United We Stand and the match against Blanchard on Thursday, March 28, when he is the special guest on the IMPACT Wrestling Press Pass Podcast.

The charismatic Ryan, a Los Angeles resident, has been wrestling since 2000. He competed for IMPACT Wrestling in 2012-13, including Bound For Glory 2012, when he defeated longtime wrestler Al Snow in a singles match.

United We Stand is filled with dream matches, anchored around the main event when the IMPACT Tag Team Champions, the Lucha Brothers (Pentagon Jr. and Fenix), battle Rob Van Dam and Sabu.

GRP #158: WWE’s hall of fame class, Wrestlemania, AEW, Hogan, Ambrose, more

Thursday, Mar 7, 2019

Download MP3 (right click to save)

Steve Gerweck and Frank Dee return with a brand new edition of the podcast that tells it like it is, the Gerweck Report Podcast. In this episode, topics include:

– This year’s WWE hall of fame class
– The Wrestlemania buzz?
– Is Hulk Hogan forgiven now?
– Is Dean Ambrose leaving story a work?
– The birth of All Elite Wrestling
– The WWE creative shakeup
– The state of Impact Wrestling
– Impact Wrestling deletes the Amped library
– And more!

Have a question for the on the podcast? Tweet them @gerweck

Click here for the 2014 Gerweck Report podcasts

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2/28/19 Impact Press Pass with “Walking Weapon” Josh Alexander & Rosemary

Thursday, Feb 28, 2019

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“Walking Weapon” Josh Alexander & Returning Former Champion on IMPACT Wrestling Press Pass Podcast

“Walking Weapon” Josh Alexander will be one of the special guests on the weekly IMPACT Wrestling Press Pass Podcast.

In addition, a returning former IMPACT Champion will be revealed exclusively on the Press Pass Podcast – and the former Champion will be available for media questions, as will Alexander.

Press Pass hosts Josh Mathews and Ross Forman will kick off the Podcast with updates on major upcoming IMPACT Wrestling shows, including United We Stand on April 4 in New Jersey and the Rebellion pay-per-view on April 28 in Toronto. Mathews also will have news about Sami Callihan. who confirmed on Feb. 25 that he signed a new multi-year deal to remain with IMPACT Wrestling.

Alexander was offered, and accepted, a three-year contract this past weekend from IMPACT Executive Vice-President Scott D’Amore. Alexander had been considered one of the best free agents on the market, until D’Amore gave him the IMPACT contract at a Destiny Wrestling event in Canada. Alexander is best known for his work with AAW, PWG, and AIW.

2/8/19 Impact Wrestling Press Pass Podcast with Glenn Gilbertti

Friday, Feb 8, 2019

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Via Impact Wrestling press release:


Glenn Gilbertti (fka Disco Inferno)

Talks Turkey on Press Pass Podcast

The IMPACT Wrestling Press Pass Podcast returns Friday, February 8, with veteran wrestler Glenn Gilbertti as the special guest.

Gilbertti, known as Disco Inferno during his years in World Championship Wrestling (WCW), was the dubious winner, er, loser last November in the 2nd-annual Eli Drake Gravy Train Turkey Trot, held at Sam’s Town Live in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Gilbertti is a Las Vegas resident, and IMPACT Wrestling returns to Sin City for three consecutive nights of TV Tapings of the flagship weekly TV show, Impact!, Feb. 15-17 at Sam’s Town.

Gilbertti, who will be joined by hosts Josh Mathews and Ross Forman, had a six-year run in WCW, claiming the promotion’s Cruiserweight Championship, Television Championship (twice) and the Tag Team Championship.

Gilbertti has worked for IMPACT Wrestling numerous times in the past, dating back to 2002, but no time was more memorable than November 2018 on the Thanksgiving episode when Gilbertti tried to impress Scarlett Bordeaux. He participated in a 5-on-5 mixed tag team match, teaming with Jake Crist, Katarina, Rohit Raju and Eli Drake. They faced the team of Alisha Edwards, Dezmond Xavier, Kikutaro, KM and Fallah Bahh – and Bahh pinned Gilbertti.

Gilbertti ultimately and reluctantly wore the dubious Turkey suit.

1/10/19 Women of Wrestling conference call with Jeannie Buss & David McLane

Thursday, Jan 10, 2019

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AXS TV PR is hosting a media conference call on Thursday, January 10th at 1:00 p.m. EST/10 a.m PST with WOW-WOMEN OF WRESTLING & Los Angeles Lakers Owner Jeanie Buss, WOW Founder David McLane and AXS TV FIGHTS CEO Andrew Simon to discuss the eight-episode new series WOW-WOMEN OF WRESTLING. WOW-WOMEN OF WRESTLING is premiering Friday, January 18 at 9 p.m. EST/6 p.m. PST on AXS TV.

1/3/19 Impact Pass Podcast with Brian Cage & Josh Mathews

Thursday, Jan 3, 2019

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Brian Cage Talks World Championship on IMPACT Wrestling Press Pass Podcast

“The Machine” Brian Cage steps into the ring at the Homecoming pay-per-view on Sunday night, Jan. 6, looking to claim the World Championship from Johnny Impact.

But first, Cage will be the special guest on the IMPACT Wrestling Press Pass Podcast.

Cage will join hosts Josh Mathews and Ross Forman to talk everything IMPACT, starting with the most-coveted championship in professional wrestling, the World Championship.

Cage, who relinquished the X-Division Championship to pursue the World Championship, brings a weight and strength advantage to his main event match against Johnny Impact, but how will he ground the high-flying champion?

Audio: Sami Callihan reflects on 2018

Thursday, Dec 20, 2018

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Sami Callihan & Willie Mack

Look Back at 2018, Look Ahead to 2019 on Press Pass Podcast

The weekly IMPACT Wrestling Press Pass Podcast welcomes back the always-opinionated Sami Callihan for a special edition.

In addition, IMPACT newcomer Willie Mack makes his debut appearance on the Press Pass Podcast, hosted by Josh Mathews and Ross Forman.

Callihan’s memorable 2018 included the vicious, personal, bloody feud with Eddie Edwards, which landed Callihan on TMZ when he smacked Edwards in the face with an aluminum baseball bat – and then showed no remorse. Callihan, at Slammiversary in July, lost a Hair vs. Mask match against Pentagon Jr., which has been lauded as, arguably, the Match of the Year.

Callihan will have plenty to say about 2018, 2019, championship gold and, of course, oVe.

Another powerful force in the ranks of IMPACT Wrestling is Willie Mack, who has been wrestling since 2006 and has shined for Lucha Underground and other promotions.

Who knows what might explode if Callihan sees Mack as stealing the Podcast Spotlight.

Media will have the opportunity to ask questions of Callihan and Mack.

IMPACT Wrestling is now on the road to Homecoming – the new pay-per-view that will be held Jan. 6, 2019, in Nashville, Tennessee, featuring World Champion Johnny Impact defending his championship against “The Machine” Brian Cage.

12/6/18 Impact Wrestling Press Pass with Eli Drake

Thursday, Dec 6, 2018

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Via Impact Wrestling:

Former World Champion Eli Drake will be the special guest on the IMPACT Wrestling Press Pass Podcast.

Drake will join Josh Mathews and Ross Forman to talk everything IMPACT, including the highly-acclaimed second-annual Eli Drake Gravy Train Turkey Trot, which ultimately saw Glenn Gilbertti sporting the infamous turkey outfit.

Drake also will address the IMPACT Wrestling roster, starting with Tommy Dreamer on through reigning World Champion Johnny Impact.

11/28/18 Impact Press Pass with Ethan Page & Jordynne Grace

Wednesday, Nov 28, 2018

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Ethan Page & Jordynne Grace

Discuss Their Career Goals on IMPACT Wrestling Press Pass Podcast

Ethan Page and Jordynne Grace will be the special guests on the weekly IMPACT Wrestling Press Pass Podcast on Wednesday, Nov. 28, along with Josh Mathews and Ross Forman.

Media will have the opportunity to ask questions and talk with Page and Grace in their first media-availability since joining IMPACT.

A Canada native, Page has been wrestling since 2006 with titles in various promotions. He has aligned with Matt Sydal and seems destined for IMPACT singles and tag-team championship gold in 2019.

Grace has been wrestling since she was 15 and has competed under an international spotlight, including time in Mexico. She has been a title-holder in various promotions and appears destined for Knockouts gold in 2019.

11/20/18 Impact Press Pass with Johnny Impact & Josh Mathews

Tuesday, Nov 20, 2018

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Via Impact Wrestling press release:

Johnny Impact

Talks Candidly About His Survivor Elimination and the World Championship on Press Pass Podcast

“John, the tribe has spoken.”

Jeff Probst, the host and executive producer of the hit CBS show Survivor, sent Johnny Impact on the famed walk-of-shame on Wednesday, Nov. 14, eliminating Impact from the chase for $1 million.

Impact will talk about his blindsided elimination, and of course his run as the reigning World Champion, live Tuesday afternoon on the weekly IMPACT Wrestling Press Pass Podcast, along with Josh Mathews and Ross Forman.

Media will have the opportunity to ask questions and talk with Impact, including news from the recently-completed Impact! TV Tapings in Las Vegas and the Homecoming pay-per-view that will be Jan. 6, 2019, in Nashville, Tennessee. Impact puts the World Championship on the line in Nashville against Brian Cage.

11/13/18 Impact Press Pass with The Lucha Brothers & Taka Valkyrie

Tuesday, Nov 13, 2018

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The Lucha Brothers (Pentagon Jr. and Fenix) with Taya Valkyrie

Talk Candidly on Press Pass Podcast

The weekly IMPACT Wrestling Press Pass Podcast brings an international mix for a special Tuesday afternoon edition. The Lucha Brothers (Pentagon Jr. and Fenix) will be joined by bilingual Knockout Taya Valkyrie, along with Josh Mathews and Ross Forman.

Media will have the opportunity to ask questions in English or Spanish for all three IMPACT stars.

IMPACT Wrestling on Tuesday, Nov. 13 concludes its three-day Impact! TV Tapings at Sam’s Town in Las Vegas. IMPACT Superstars and Knockouts are on the road to Homecoming – the new pay-per-view that will be held Jan. 6, 2019, in Nashville, Tennessee.

10/31/18 Impact Press Pass with Taya Valkyrie

Wednesday, Oct 31, 2018

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Via Impact Wrestling press release:

Taya Valkyrie

Talks Candidly on Press Podcast

“Lucha Royalty” Taya Valkyrie, who has been wrestling since 2010 and was trained by longtime WCW star Lance Storm, will be the special guest on the weekly IMPACT Wrestling Press Pass Podcast on Wednesday, October 31, starting at 2pm ET.

Valkyrie will discuss everything Halloween, including her favorite candy, of course, along with Josh Mathews and Ross Forman. More so, Valkyrie will debate everything Knockouts-related, starting with the Knockouts Championship, now held by Tessa Blanchard.

Valkyrie has had an illustrious career in Mexico. Competing for Lucha Libre AAA Worldwide (AAA), she is a former two-time and the longest-reigning Reina de Reinas Champion in history.

Valkyrie also is newlyweds with reigning World Champion Johnny Impact, as the two were married last June.