Notes on John Cena, Austin Theory, Charlotte Flair, and Shane McMahon

Jan 15, 2023 - by Steve Gerweck

John Cena made his WWE return towards the end of 2022, where he teamed with Kevin Owens to battle Sami Zayn and Roman Reigns in a winning effort. However, this isn’t all the Cenation leader did while in town for the blue-brand.

According to Fightful Select, Cena filmed some additional content with WWE that also involved Austin Theory. Theory, the current U.S. champion, was supposed to headline a house show in Toronto on that night, but instead was sent to Tampa so he can film with Cena.

It is not currently known what the filmed content will be for, but the report notes that it could be a number of possibilities including 2K footage, a future angle between Theory and Cena, or something for WWE Digital.

– Happy birthday to Shane McMahon!

– Dave Scherer from PWInsider answered the following question in the latest mailbag:

“Any chance Stephanie resigning is leading to her starting her own company to buy her dad’s stocks? It’s basically how Vince started.” Scherer dismissed this in a huge way, but he also painted a picture that might see Stephanie McMahon and Triple H start their own company. I would say no chance in hell, because well you know, but I try not to speak in absolutes. Whatever the longest of longshots is, that is the answer here. With that said, if Vince really does the most heinous thing I can think of and sell to the Saudis, which would make the company a leper here in the US, I could definitely see Steph and HHH going to NBC Universal and pitch starting a company for them.

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