Stephanie McMahon

Sep 12, 2009 - by Jamie Cruickshank

Real name: Stephanie Marie McMahon-Levesque
Height: 5’8″
Weight: 135 lbs.
Date of birth: September 24, 1976
From: Greenwich, CT
Pro debut: February 1999


– The Undertaker attempted to force Stephanie to marry him during a “black wedding” on “Raw.” Steve Austin, Vince McMahon’s archival, made the unexpected save.
– Prior to the 1999 King of the Ring, McMahon and her mother Linda announced that Austin was the new CEO of the WWF.
– During an episode of “Raw,” Test asked Stephanie for a date, which she accepted. G-TV documented the relationship’s developments.
– McMahon pinned Jeff Jarrett on the September 20, 1999 episode of “Raw.”
– At the United Kingdom only PPV Rebellion on October 2, 1999, Stephanie was accidentally struck in the head with a metal trash can at the hands of The British Bulldog.
– As a result of the Rebellion PPV incident, McMahon suffered from a concussion and temporary “amnesia.”
– On the November 29, 1999 episode of “Raw,” Triple H revealed a tape during Stephanie’s televised wedding to Test. The videotape showed Helmsley marrying a subdued Stephanie at a drive-thru ceremony in Las Vegas.
– Stephanie turned her back on her father Vince at Armageddon 1999 in Sunrise, FL, joining her new husband Triple H.
– On the January 3, 2000 episode of “Raw,” Stephanie was in Triple H’s corner as he defeated The Big Show for the WWF title.
– At the “Smackdown” taping on March 28, 2000 in San Antonio, Stephanie defeated Jacqueline, with the assistance of outside interference from Tori, for the WWF Women’s title.
– Vince McMahon turned against The Rock at Wrestlemania 2000, and joined his daughter, son-in-law, and son Shane in the formation of the McMahon-Helmsley faction.
– On the April 13, 2000 episode of “Smackdown,” Stephanie introduced Muffy (Caryn Mower) as her personal trainer. The character was quickly dropped.
– Stephanie’s mother forced her to defend the Women’s championship against Lita on the June 12, 2000 episode of “Raw,” but she was able to retain the title thanks to outside interference by Kurt Angle.
– Tension between Stephanie and Triple H escalated when she caught her husband in a compromising position with the buxom Trish Stratus.
– On the August 3, 2000 episode of “Smackdown,” Stephanie pinned Lita in a six person tag match.
– Due to Commissioner Foley’s assistance, Stephanie was in Angle’s corner four weeks later as the Olympian defeated Eddy Guerrero.
– Stephanie pinned her former finance Test in a mixed gender match involving McMahon, Angle, and Triple H vs. T&A and Stratus.
– At Unforgiven ’00, Stephanie sided with her husband Triple H in his match against Angle. Stephanie delivered a low blow, assisting Triple H over Angle in their no disqualification match.
– Stephanie voluntarily placed herself in Angle’s corner on the October 12, 2000 edition of “Smackdown!” Angle was victorious in his match with Kane.
– In the fall of 2000, McMahon started writing WWF television following the departure of two key scriptwriters.
– After a brief absence from WWF television, Stephanie returned to “Raw” the night after the Survivor Series to attempt to call a truce in the Austin-Triple H feud.
– On the November 30, 2000 episode of “Smackdown” Stephanie and Triple H celebrated their first wedding anniversary.
– Two weeks later on the same program, Stephanie was belittled by her father Vince for defending her mother’s honor.
– At No Way Out on February 25, 2001, Stephanie defeated Stratus.
– On the July 9, 2001 edition of “Raw,” McMahon was revealed as the new “owner” of ECW, and joined forces with Shane’s WCW in the formation of the Alliance.
– On the September 17, 2001 episode of “Raw,” Stephanie teamed with Test and actually pinned The Rock in a handicap match.
– Stephanie slapped her mother in the face on the October 25, 2001 edition of “Smackdown.”
– On the February 4, 2002 edition of “Raw,” Stephanie announced she was pregnant with Triple H’s baby.
– After “The Game” told Stephanie their “marriage” was over, Stephanie and Chris Jericho became business associates on the February 21, 2002 episode of “Smackdown.”
– As a result of losing a triple threat match for the Undisputed championship involving Triple H and Jericho, Stephanie was forced to leave WWF television.
– At the July 16, 2002 “Smackdown” taping, Vince McMahon introduced his daughter as the General Manager of the television program.
– On October 25, 2003, McMahon married Triple H in Sleepy Hollow, NY.
– Stephanie gave birth to a 8 lbs. and 7 oz., baby Aurora Rose Levesque on July 24, 2006.
– In December 2013, Stephanie was promoted to Chief Brand Officer brand ambassador.
– At Summerslam 2014, Stephanie defeated Brie Bella.
– Stephanie was named commissioner of Raw on July 11, 2016. The following week, she appointed Mick Foley as the new Raw general manager.
– McMahon competed in her first match in seven years at WrestleMania 34, teaming with her husband in a loss to Kurt Angle & Ronda Rousey

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