Abby Jane opens up about her time at AEW and Impact Wrestling, comments on her future

Oct 22, 2022 - by Steve Gerweck

Phil Johnson shared:

In a recent interview with, Abby Jane discussed a wide range of topics. During the conversation, she opened up about her time working at AEW and Impact Wrestling, her future, and more. You can read the entire interview by clicking here. Here are some highlights:

Her time at Impact Wrestling:

“It was crazy wrestling there. I didn’t even consider that a possibility. Now that you see people you know or have worked with before on AEW Dark, being on Impact was something I’ve never considered.”

“I’ve known her [Masha Slamovich] since I debuted and getting to wrestle her was really insane and such a cool moment. It was a cool atmosphere and getting to be there with so many great people was awesome. Everyone was so supportive, and it felt like one big family.”

Working at AEW:

“It was really cool working there. When you go there, you don’t know if you’ll have a match that day or not. Seeing the card go up and finding out you’re wrestling is exciting and then you have to race to get everything ready. Wrestling Julia Hart and Abadona was a really fun experience as well. It was definitely a challenge but it was really cool working with them and getting to share a stage, and getting to share the ring with them.”

Her future:

“It’s crazy because this year alone I feel like I already hit so many goals off my bucket list. I’m already crossing so many things off. Looking ahead, I want to start getting out. I’m mostly based in New Jersey, New York, and the Pennsylvania area. I want to branch out and go to new areas, and internationally as well. Wherever wrestling travels will take me, give me whoever’s there and I’d love to get in the ring with them.”

Jane also revealed what got her into pro wrestling, training at the Chikara Wrestling Factory, and more.

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