Notes on Mustafa Ali, Raquel Rodriquez, and Bill Demott

May 21, 2022 - by James Walsh

Both Mustafa Ali and Raquel Rodriguez were guests on today’s episode of The Bump (via Fightful), where Ali gave Rodriguez some advice about life in WWE. He noted that he appreciated her enthusiasm but said that would likely change as she gained more experience.

He said:

“Raquel, I’m a big fan of your work and I was watching your interview and I was smiling. Not to get sappy here, but I see the emotion and the love you have for this. You’re talking about the action figure and being in the (video) game, and that’s real. Part of me is a little jealous because I miss that. I miss that love I have for all this. I know you know this because you’re a competitor and you’re hungry. There is going to come a point where, just because the way things are, the way the system is, the way the business is, the way it is, the completion, that love is going to start going down and there is going to be this level of competition that rises. I hope you don’t lose that love. Hold onto it and cherish it, but there is going to be this moment where enough is enough and you have to take it. That’s the point I’m at right now. I love the action figures, I love the t-shirts, this is everything I wanted to be when I was a kid. The other day, we had a religious holiday a few weeks ago, and my son got a WWE ring and I’m seeing him play with my action figures in the ring. Part of me loved it and part of me was like, ‘that’s not enough.’ I need more. I need championships hanging on the wall. I need to have Hall of Fame stats, I need to be on more pay-per-views. There is going to be a point where it comes to that. Part of my advice is, enjoy the phase of your career that you’re in right now where you truly do appreciate everything because you’ve worked so hard for it and I think the sky is the limit for you, but there is going to be a point, and I don’t know when it’s going to be, but you’re going to remember, ‘this is what Ali warned me about.’ There’s going to be a point where that love supersedes a little bit and the level of competition rises. I hope there’s a balance for you, I wish the best for you.“


Bill DeMott tweeted this morning:

So, they will come out on @WWE and say how Sasha & Naomi are #Unproffesional BUT they will not address a #HallOfFame superstar who has killed someone after numerous #DUIs. I wonder how this looks to the public?

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  1. MRK says:

    I said this previously, if you mention Sunny on TV, it would just raise her profile. If they continue to ignore her no one will know her.

  2. Really? says:

    Same thing with continuing to run articles about her on wrestling sites (hint hint). It’s why I no longer click on articles whose headlines mention her. I know it won’t make much difference as one person, but if enough people do it maybe it will discourage giving her the bandwidth that keeps her clinging to relevancy.

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