Bill DeMott

Jan 8, 2010 - by Jamie Cruickshank

Real name: William DeMott
Height: 6’2″
Weight: 280 lbs.
Date of birth: November 10, 1966
Hometown: Titusville, FL
Pro debut: 1990
Trained by: Johnny Rodz
Finishing move: Moonsault


– DeMott began training with Johnny Rodz at the end of 1989. Rodz also trained Tazz, D-Von Dudley, and Big Vito among others.
– Wrestling as Crash the Terminator, DeMott defeated Steve Strong (Steve DiSalvo) for the AWF (Americas Wrestling Federation) title on March 28, 1992 in Puerto Rico.
– Crash the Terminator and Mr. Pogo defeated the Head Hunters for the W*ng World Tag Team title in July 1992. (The team was stripped of the title when Mr. Pogo no showed a scheduled title match).
– At UWA’s 18th Anniversary show on January 31, 1993 in Naucalpan, Mexico, Crash the Terminator, Eddie Watts and Goliath el Gigante beat Dos Caras, El Texano and Silver King.
– On July 11, 1993, Crash the Terminator won a sixteen man tournament to become the first W*ING World Heavyweight Champion in Yokohama, Japan.
– Crash faced Leatherface in a barbed wire baseball bat match for IWA in Japan.
– DeMott, as Crash the Terminator, defeated Pitbull #1 at ECW’s Ultimate Jeopardy ’94 in Valley Forge, PA.
– On June 1, 1995, Crash the Terminator won a battle royal in Reading, PA to become the first PCW (Pennsylvania Championship Wrestling) Champion.
– In September 1995, DeMott signed with World Championship Wrestling. He was contacted by then booker Kevin Sullivan after Vader was fired.
– DeMott entered WCW as Hugh Morrus.
– At SuperBrawl VI, Morrus defeated Chris Kanyon in a dark match.
– Morrus briefly teamed with Joey Maggs, and in 1996, with Scott Norton.
– In September 1996, Morrus was invited to a Japan/US All-Star Tournament in Japan. Other participants in the tournament included Ric Flair, Arn Anderson, Sting, Lex Luger and Steven Regal.
– Morrus pinned Joe Gomez in a dark match at SuperBrawl VII in San Francisco.
– He went on a WCW tour of Europe in the summer of 1997.
– Morrus joined Jimmy Hart’s Dungeon of Doom.
– On September 22, 1997, Morrus became victim number one of Bill Goldberg.
– Morrus pinned La Parka with his No Laughing Matter moonsault on the February 5th, 1998 episode of “Thunder.”
– At the MTV’s Ultimate Video Bash on May 9, 1998, Morrus defeated Sick Boy (Scott Vick).
– Morrus beat “Mean” Mike Enos on June 21, 1998, at a WCW house show in Richmond, Virginia.
– At the Georgia Dome “Nitro” on January 4, 1999, Morrus defeated Glacier.
– Morrus defeated Psychosis on the January 28, 1999 edition of “Thunder.”
– DeMott signed a three-year contract with World Championship Wrestling in March 1999.
– Morrus defeated Jerry Flynn on May 30, 1999 in Baton Rouge, LA.
– At Fall Brawl ’99, Morrus and Brian Knobbs beat Dean Malenko and Shane Douglas in a “no DQ” match when Morrus pinned Malenko.
– Morrus became Captain Rection at Slamboree 2000.
– Captain Rection formed the Misfits In Action with Lash Leroux, Chavo Guerrero, Van Hammer, and Major Gunns.
– A short time later, he was promoted to General Rection.
– At Fall Brawl 2000, Hacksaw Jim Duggan turned against Rection, joining Lance Storm’s Team Canada in the process.
– Rection defeated Duggan and Storm in a handicap match for the United States title in Las Vegas, NV at Halloween Havoc.
– At the German only PPV “Millennium Final,” Rection and Alex Wright defeated Mark Jindrak and Sean O’Haire for the WCW World Tag Team title.
– Rection recaptured the United States title at Mayhem 2000 from Storm in Milwaukee, WI.
– Rection defeated Shane Douglas via disqualification at Starrcade 2000.
– At Superbrawl Revenge on February 18, 2001, again wrestling as Hugh Morrus, DeMott defeated The Wall.
– In March 2001, Morrus’s contract was purchased by the WWF as part of the WCW sale to WWF.
– On the June 4, 2001 edition of “Raw,” Morrus did a run in during an IC title match between Kane and Christian to advance the WCW Invasion angle.
– At Invasion, Morrus, Shawn Stasiak, and Kanyon defeated the Big Show, Billy Gunn, and Albert in a six man tag match.
– On March 12, 2002, Morrus and Raven defeated Lance Cade and Steve Bradley for the HWA Tag Team title in Cincinnati, OH.
– In late 2003, DeMott left the ring behind and replace Ernest “The Cat” Miller in the “Velocity” announcing booth.
– After serving as the head trainer of Deep South Wrestling, DeMott was released from the position on January 2007.
– In 2011, DeMott served as a trainer on WWE Tough Enough.
– On March 6, 2015, DeMott stepped down from his position as WWE Performance Center head trainer following many allegations of abusive behavior.

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