Sharmell to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame class of 2022

Mar 14, 2022 - by Colin Vassallo

There will be another husband and wife couple in the WWE Hall of Fame as today WWE announced that Sharmell Sullivan-Huffman will be inducted into its Hall of Fame as part of the class of 2022.

The 51-year-old started her professional wrestling career in 1999 as a Nitro Girl and then moved to WWE in 2001 where she became a backstage interviewer. Her first stint only lasted a year and left the business altogether, only to return in 2005 with her husband Booker T. After Booker T won the 2006 King of the Ring tournament, she switched to Queen Sharmell as part of her new gimmick and is mostly remembered for that role.

Sharmell, who won Miss Black America 1991 contest at the age of 20, also worked for TNA Wrestling between late 2007 and 2009.

“I was so happy,” Sharmell told, who was given the exclusive news today. “I didn’t even know what to say. It was an unexpected, great surprise – a welcome surprise.”

Nowadays, Sharmell helps her husband run the Reality of Wrestling promotion in Houston, where she is in charge of the business-side of things. She also helps students with character work, promos, and life.

Sharmell commented on Facebook:

So incredibly honored to be included in the @wwe #HallofFame Class of 2022. Thank you to my family, the WWE and all the fans who have supported me over the last two decades. Additionally, thank you to @complex for the wonderful interview. This is a moment in life that I will always remember and cherish. See you Dallas!!

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  1. I know he won’t receive any credit, but Brad Shepard stated on February 23, “According to a source in WWE, Sharmell is expected to be inducted into this year’s Hall of Fame.”

  2. Luke says:

    @Steve Gerweck
    So how does this compare to the false crap Brad Shepard’s been “reporting” in the past (my favorite was Jim Cornette going to AEW)? Does it suddenly make him a credible journalist when he gets one right? Also, I’ve never, ever seen anyone being endorsed here for something like this. What makes Shepard special? Is he dying or something? Is this like his Make-A-Wish?

  3. The kap says:

    I guess Jillian Hall, Santina Marella and the Gobbly Gooker were not available that night. Seriously, what has Sharmell done to make her hall of fame worthy. She never won a championship, she didn’t wrestle much. All she did was stand at ringside while her husband wrestled and danced as a Nitro Girl. I’m sorry but she is not Hall of Fame material. They may as well put Koko B Ware’s bird Frankie in as well or Mathilda the British Bulldog

  4. Motorhead says:

    @The kap: I’ve long believed that WWE should go all the way and induct the steel chair, Spanish announce table, and the even matches (HBK/Razor WM X; Bret/HBK WM XII; Taker/HBK WM XXV; Bret/Austin WM XIII, etc.). They’re running out of names. The HOF has been over-bloated since it returned at WM XX. They should cap at four wrestlers with one or two non-wrestlers. That would at least have ensured big names for a long time to come. At some point soon we’re going to see Billy Jack Haynes or Kimchee or, more likely, Lance Von Erich. The HOF shows have been too long and overbooked for years. This is what we end up with, as fans, when WWE gets hooked on too much of a good thing. I’m very forgiving of the HOF; I figure anyone who was willing to put their body through hell for my entertainment should be allowed in, it’s a hall of FAME, after all. My standards are pretty low, at least for the HOF(!). But in this case, I agree. I’m not sure what she did to merit any attention in 2022, let alone induction into the HOF, aside from being Booker T’s wife. If Sharmell is in why not put in Sunshine or Precious or Francine or Dawn Marie or Mike McGuirk? At least these ladies actually DID something to be a part of the conversation in 2022. But, as I’ve said, this is going to be a LONG silly season for the WWE HOF going forward seeing as so many of the big name have already been “inducted”.

  5. So the woman that was one half of what took place in Pro-Wrestling’s absolute WORST match of all time in The Hall Of Fame ..??
    This is the final nail in the coffin,in what used to be something that was sacred and glorifying..The Hall Of Fame

  6. Rob Dam Van! Shirt Typo! says:

    Dafuq for?

  7. romanreignshadcancer2getover says:

    Koko B Ware is no longer the most embarrassing inductee in the HOF

  8. Bthb says:

    This makes no sense at all, she’s known for what? Mostly the Worst match of all time! Being a nitro girl? Well why not put Kimberley page in. There are hundreds of women that should be inducted before her, bull nakano, Victoria, Heidi lee Morgan etc etc hell even kelly kelly! This totally takes the shine off undertakers induction by making the whole thing look like a joke

  9. Really? says:

    Option 1: they’re really desperate to keep Booker T happy for some reason.
    Option 2: and I hate to be the one to say this…all this year’s other inductees and rumored inductees are awfully…similar-looking. Did they want to break that up a little bit, maybe?

  10. art123guy says:

    @Really?…This is a way for WWE to keep Booker T’s podcasts less critical of their product. Oh, and your option 2 is spot on.

  11. Impact's Womens division is it says:

    WWE is always political, and this isn’t any different. Yes, there are many better choices left, but she meets a quota, is married to another hall of famer and seemed to be well liked in the business. Even Madusa liked her and she hated just about everyone she had to train in the later days of WCW. Plus it’s not like Torrie Wilson and The Bella’s were deserving either. I never really cared much for her though other when she managed Booker T. She did pretty well at that and sold the Queen Sharmell thing well. Anyway, congrats to her. They really need to pick someone like Mickie James or Victoria next year.

  12. Joseph says:

    I don’t mind her going in. I personally see nothing wrong with it.

  13. Mackdeezy says:

    I mean…. she was involved in stories, she was also in TNA for what it’s worth. Its not like Whisper is getting inducted. That would CLEARLY be to please Shawn. Then again, she DID take one hell of a punch from Jericho.

  14. Disgruntled Jobber says:

    Anyone who is familiar with Brad’s twitter feed knows he’s not a journalist, but a mark who scours the dirt sheets for news and then passes it off as his own. Not to mention he’s got no issues taking shots at people and then quickly blocking them before they can replay. His verbal tirade last week against an AEW fan was quite disgusting, as he re-tweeted something she’d posted about how watching AEW got her through chemo with Brad commented “Is it wrong to root for Cancer to win”.
    Shepard’s a giant piece of shit, and I’d happily tell him, if the bastard hadn’t since blocked me when I came to the woman’s defense.

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