Bron Breakker and Dolph Ziggler trade shots

Feb 1, 2022 - by Staff

WWE NXT Champion Bron Breakker took to Twitter this week to call out Dolph Ziggler, and now Ziggler has responded.

We noted last week how LA Knight was featured in a backstage post-RAW segment with Ziggler and Robert Roode. Knight had words with The Dirty Dawgs, and invited them to come see him at NXT on any Tuesday night. Ziggler responded and said they don’t work on Tuesdays, but it was teased that we could see some sort of action between Knight and the RAW Superstars in the future.

Breakker tweeted on Monday and posted a GIF of rapper Bad Bunny eliminating Ziggler from the Royal Rumble Match this past Saturday. He took a shot at the WWE veteran.

“Says he doesn’t work on Tuesdays … apparently he can’t work on Saturday either @HEELZiggler,” Breakker wrote, tagging Ziggler in the post.

Ziggler was interviewed by Sarah Schreiber after his RAW loss to hometown star Angelo Dawkins in Cincinnati last night. He was asked if he felt the energy from the fans. Ziggler responded and also mentioned how he’s seen many talents come and go from WWE, but there’s a reason why he’s still here.

“No, nothing fazes me, I’m a professional,” Ziggler said. “I’ve done this for 16 years, seen a ton of them go, a ton of them come back, and go again. There’s a reason I’m still here, because I don’t get fazed, I’m a real pro. I did feel him feeding off that buzzing crowd, and I appreciate that. Happy for the [NFL’s Cincinnati] Bengals, man. I’m a [Cleveland] Browns guy, we don’t catch a break, and I almost like having that chip on my shoulder, kinda helps me in my work.”

Schreiber then asked Ziggler about the tweet from Breakker but he hadn’t seen it.

“No, sorry. I was at work,” Ziggler said when asked if he saw the tweet.

Schreiber read the tweet to The Show-Off and he responded, teasing that he may be interested in coming for Breakker’s NXT Title.

“Well, it’s always good to have fans, I guess,” Ziggler said. “And there are a lot of people online, who if you saw them in real life, they wouldn’t say exactly the same things, you know what I mean? I think it’s Tyson or somebody, Mike Tyson, probably has said everyone runs their mouths until you see them in person and they shut the hell up or you punch them in the face, and that changes everything. So, I feel like that happens a lot. So, Bron, what is it? Bron Breakker… NXT Champion, congrats, kid! That’s fantastic. Young guy, jacked. Oh, awesome, good for him. That’s fantastic.

“A lot of people ask me after matches like this, ‘Dolph, you good?’ I go, ‘No, not good, I’m the best MF’er we got.’ So maybe one of these days those people that run their mouths online have to deal with me, in person. So maybe Breakker and his title, maybe I take it away from him. Maybe I stop by, who’s to say? Anyway, good luck kid, keep throwing your name out online, it works for everybody.”

Breakker has not responded to Ziggler as of this writing.

Breakker is scheduled to be in action on tonight’s NXT as he teams with Tommaso Ciampa to take on Raul Mendoza and Joaquin Wilde. There’s no word on if The Dirty Dawgs are headed to NXT any time soon, perhaps for a tag team match or for Ziggler to challenge Breakker, or even Knight, at Vengeance Day on February 15.

Stay tuned for more. You can see Breakker’s full tweet below, along with Ziggler’s interview with Schreiber:

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