Ciampa drops his own math percentages on Bron Breakker in reference to Scott Steiner promo

Nov 17, 2021 - by Colin Vassallo

Everybody knows that Bron Breakker looks like a Steiner and talks like a Steiner. Hints have been dropped for several weeks regarding the connection but WWE announcers never explicitly said that Breakker is the son of Rick Steiner.

Last night on NXT, champion Tommaso Ciampa continued with the hints, quoting part of a famous interview Scott Steiner did back in the day.

At TNA Sacrifice in 2008, Steiner ranted and ranted about mathematics and percentages of chances when it comes to winning, a segment which forever lives in professional wrestling as one of the most outrageous interviews ever.

Ciampa, who was interrupted by Breakker again last night, informed him about his chances of winning the title.

“I’m not a math major, and by the sound of it, you ain’t either,” Ciampa told a smiling Breakker. “But the way I see it, you have less than 33 1/3% chance of ever taking this NXT Championship from me.”

He later called Breakker a “puppy,” another reference to his father who had a nickname of the Dog Faced Gremlin.

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