Roman Reigns discusses relationship, or lack thereof, with John Cena

Sep 22, 2017 - by Colin Vassallo

Speaking to the CBS’ In This Corner podcast, Roman Reigns said that he and John Cena respect each other but other than that, they’re not really friends backstage.

Reigns added that he was not hurt by the words that John Cena said against him during their buildup for Sunday’s match as he doesn’t care much for him but gave him credit for allowing him to step up his mic skills during the past few weeks. The former champ said that he feels like he was able to get better on the mic since the Cena program started. Regarding the zipper incident on Raw a few weeks ago, Reigns explained how it broke off just two minutes before he had to walk out. It was impossible for him to change the trousers in that time frame and decided to just go ahead and pretend nothing happened.

However, John Cena picked up on it and swayed from the script, telling him, “For God’s sake you come out here with your zipper open!” Reigns was quick to reply, “I busted it actually…big dawg!” Reigns credited his long time in locker rooms for the quick wit but admitted that he was a bit shocked that Cena brought it up. “I thought I had it closed up the whole time, but apparently not. I was peaking at him I guess,” Reigns said.

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