Jim Ross says Ronda Rousey is “bitter right now”

Apr 5, 2024 - by James Walsh

During his podcast, Jim Ross was asked about Ronda Rousey’s negative comments towards WWE. Here is what JR had to say about the situation…

“It’s unsettling, honestly. I don’t know that’s the way to promote any product in a negative light. Negative light doesn’t shine very brightly on most projects. I understand what she’s doing. I understand why she’s doing it. She wants to sell books, and I’m sure her book is good. She’s very outspoken, she’s very honest, but I think sometimes you gotta unsaddle that negative horse, saddle it back up with something that’s more positive, and that’s would be my suggestion to her.

I’m a big fan of Ronda Rousey’s. I really believe she’s special. No one was ever quite like her. But she’s awfully bitter right now. Like I said, sometimes the bitterness is a sensation or a seasoning…sometimes the seasoning, it turns you off a little bit. So I think she’d be better served talking about her book than talking about her experiences with WWE. You can sure tell, from the little bit that I’ve read or heard from here, she sure as hell is not a fan of Vince McMahon.”

(quote: Fightful.com)

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