Randy Orton on how bad his back pain actually was

Feb 21, 2024 - by Steve Gerweck

Randy Orton on how bad his back pain was (via SI.com)

“Before I left (May 2022), I’d got to the point where Riddle had done everything he could for me as a tag partner, like I could barely stand for a long amount of time. Taking my kids trick-or-treating that Halloween, I would have to sit in between the houses because I just couldn’t be on my feet that long.”

“I had stenosis, degeneration all over my lower spine, and a slipping disc–every time I extended my spine, it would slip and press on those nerves.

I couldn’t sit and take a shit without pain shooting down my legs or my feet going numb. I couldn’t stand. There were times when I’d move and end up on the floor & I’m working with top-of-their-class neurosurgeons, and they’re telling me, ‘You’ve had a great career. Maybe it’s time to hang up the boots. You’ve got to think of quality of life after your career.’

That’s always been a priority for me, but hearing all this, after thinking I was going to get an epidural cortisone shot and I’d be fine, it was tough. I’ll be honest– I broke into tears.”

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