CJ Perry posts an update

Dec 21, 2023 - by Steve Gerweck

CJ Perry posted on her IG page:

After 120 hours of being in the hospital they finally caught the severe infection that was hitting my nervous system. The doctors said they caught the infection before it hit my organs and bones. The doctors had to remove the infection by cutting open my finger and draining the infection out. I will be having an open wound and heavy duty IV antibiotics to keep the infection out. This all came from a small splinter caught at work. I want to share this because these type of infections can come from a razor burn, a small cut, picking at sores. It’s a miracle this doesn’t happen more often. Thank you @tobemiro from coming from Bulgaria to take care of me ❤️❤️. All the flowers and food that you have given me has made me truly happy !!!

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