WWE’s renewed interest in Kazuchika Okada, Jericho injured from Omega’s Pyro

Nov 17, 2023 - by James Walsh

– There is talk as of late of “renewed interest” from WWE with regards to signing Kazuchika Okada, reports the Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

“The pitch is that he’s now 36 & he’s close with Nakamura and Nakamura has worked years in WWE and it’s far easier on his body. The idea is that WWE is the one thing Okada has never done & he’s done everything he can do in New Japan. One person who buzzed us about the renewed interest in Okada said that one of the reasons Nakamura is getting a renewed push is to show Okada that this regime is not going to treat Japanese like the stereotypical children-like because Vince does that with people who don’t speak fluent English, but this is a new regime.”

– As seen during the November 15th edition of AEW Dynamite, Kenny Omega’s team defeated The Don Callis Family in the Like a Dragon Gaidin street fight. There was internet speculation that Chris Jericho’s arm was burned by Omega’s entrance pyro. Jericho wrote “YES!” on Twitter/X when asked if his arm was burned.

However, Dave Meltzer noted the following about the story…

“The story that Jericho suffered a burn from the pyro before the street fight was overblown. A spark did hit his arm and did no damage but he was having fun on the Internet with it and then the story got exaggerated”

In other news regarding the match, it was said to have been a six-figure sponsorship deal for AEW.

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