Adam Copeland capitalizing on his limited time, and speculation on Orton’s WWE return

Nov 16, 2023 - by staff

Adam Copeland via NY Post

“I see their (WWE) perspective entirely, if we bring you out too much then it’s not special anymore. I get that. I really do. So it (WWE offer) was for limited dates.

With that though, you can’t really get into a proper story. You can’t really dive into what this thing could be.

For me looking at it, it’s like I’m 49. I got a very, very limited time to capitalize on what I have left. —

If I’m gonna do this man. I want to do it.”

– Many reports have suggested that Randy Orton could potentially return to WWE during next week’s episode of Raw to be confirmed as a participant in WarGames.

According to Cagematch, the next episode of Raw, scheduled for November 20th, will unfold in the same arena where Orton had his last match in 2022. That event went down at the Van Andel Arena in Grand Rapids, Michigan, the same venue for RAW next week. Moreover, it marks exactly 18 months since Randy Orton’s last appearance on WWE television. These synchronicities add an element of intrigue to the prospect of Orton’s comeback.

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