CM Punk to break his silence, LA Knight on working with Bray Wyatt, and Psycho Clown note

Sep 3, 2023 - by Steve Gerweck

– Psycho Clown made his Pro Wrestling NOAH debut last night where he attacked Dr Wagner Jr and then challenged him for the GHC National Championship.

Sports Illustrated reports that sources close to both sides expect a response from CM Punk after the announcement of his firing by AEW yesterday, which holds the potential to be Very Explosive.

LA Knight talks working with Bray Wyatt (Interview with 98.5 The Sports Hub):

“It goes back to what I said on SmackDown, sometimes your biggest foes can be your biggest helpers. In a lot of ways, that whole interaction and whole story helped get me visibility and get me to where I am now. It’s tough to take pride in the fact that I was his last match because I wish I wasn’t.”

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  1. Sean says:

    Punk is thr Kaepernick of professional wrestling. He will try to hold a news conference during Raw or Dynamite because he actually believes deep down he is that big of a star

  2. Ccar33 says:

    Dumb ass comparison

  3. dooman says:

    sean the difference is punk can wrestle that other guy lost his skills and blames race

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