Dynamite re-written due to several no-shows because of weather and illnesses

Aug 31, 2023 - by Colin Vassallo

Last night’s Dynamite had to be largely re-written as several stars were not present for the broadcast due to the hurricane and unspecified illnesses.

AEW President Tony Khan wrote about the changes before Dynamite hit the air on TBS. “Due to minor illnesses to big talent traveling this week, + Hurricane Idalia affecting flights, I’ve changed some plans for #AEWDynamite TONIGHT,” he wrote on X.

Many wrestlers live in the state of Florida and hurricane Idalia wrecked some havoc, including disrupting hundreds of flights from the Sunshine State.

Dave Meltzer of the Observer noted that if the show “seemed thrown together” it’s because it was, and there were several last minute changes leading up to the broadcast.

Hopefully for the AEW writing team, Collision on Saturday will be an easier affair with the hurricane over.

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