8/30/23 AEW Dynamite Recap

Aug 30, 2023 - by staff

We start things off with a lengthy video package recapping Sunday’s ALL IN show. We then shoot inside the NOW Arena where fireworks explode and Excalibur welcomes us to the show.

Jon Moxley vs. Komander

Justin Roberts then introduces Jon Moxley. The Blackpool Combat Club leader makes his way through the crowd to the ring. He settles inside and his music dies down.

Komander’s theme hits and out he comes accompanied by Alex Abrahantes for tonight’s opening contest. The bell sounds and we’re officially off-and-running with our first match of the evening.

Mox comes out of the corner and blasts the masked fan-favorite with a big boot to the face. The fans chant “F*ck ’em up, Moxley, f*ck ’em up!” as he goes to work on him. Mox stops and bows to acknowledge the crowd.

As the action continues, Komander fights back, knocking Mox out to the floor and hitting a huge diving splash onto the BCC member. Back in the ring, Mox takes back over. Komander goes for a tornado turning splash off the top-rope, but Mox moves and then continues his assault.

On that note, we shift gears and head into a mid-match commercial break as the action continues with Mox in the offensive driver’s seat.

When we return from the break, we see some good back-and-forth action until ultimately Mox locks in a match-ending choke for the win. Good opener.

Winner: Jon Moxley

Big Match Announced For AEW ALL OUT 2023

We shoot backstage for an interview with Orange Cassidy, who talks about his title defense tonight against Penta El Zero Miedo, as well as his scheduled showdown this Sunday at AEW ALL OUT 2023.

From there, we head to post-ALL IN footage from London of FTR and The Young Bucks patching things up after Nick and Matt Jackson refused to shake Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler’s hands after their AEW World Tag-Team title bout on the card.

As they are talking, The Bullet Club Gold crew comes in and mocks The Young Bucks for losing. This leads to FTR & The Young Bucks vs. The Bullet Club Gold foursome at AEW ALL OUT 2023 on Sunday. After this, we head to another commercial break.

The Outcasts Are No More

When we return from the break, we see Toni Storm backstage with Renee Paquette. She freaks out about what happened with Saraya at ALL IN. She says she can no longer trust her, and mentioned how Ruby Soho wants nothing to do with her. She freaks out about having no friends and storms off, throwing her shoes in frustration.

Chris Jericho Wants To Talk To Sammy Guevara

Now we return inside the arena where Chris Jericho makes his way out and heads to the ring. He talks about how Fozzy had their biggest show ever and AEW did the following night. He’s proud of all that, but isn’t proud of how he treated his friend Sammy Guevara after his loss to Will Ospreay.

Jericho asks Guevara to come out so he can talk to him. “The Spanish God” makes his way out and joins him in the ring. Jericho apologizes and Sammy accepts, however Jericho then blames him for not hitting Ospreay with the bat hard enough at ALL IN.

This leads to the two going back-and-forth with passive-aggressive examples of why they aren’t further along then they feel they each should be right now. Jericho tries to end that and tells Sammy they should reunite Le Sex Gods and go back after the AEW World Tag-Team titles. He says they should start that road next week. Guevara shakes his hand and they hug. The fans boo.

Jon Moxley Addresses Tonight’s Main Event

After that, we shoot to the locker room where Jon Moxley talks about how he’ll face the winner of tonight’s main event at ALL OUT for the International title. He mentions how there’s a lot of guys with belts and catchphrashes and hash-tags. He says the BCC isn’t about that. He says whoever leaves ALL OUT with the belt is the real tough guy.

NJPW STRONG Openweight Championship
Eddie Kingston (C) vs. Wheeler Yuta

It’s time for championship action. We head back inside the ring where Wheeler Yuta’s theme hits and out he comes to the ring for our next bout, which will feature the NJPW STRONG Openweight Championship on-the-line.

He settles in to the ring to some boos and his music dies down. Now the theme for Eddie Kingston hits and the crowd goes wild as “The Mad King” makes his way down to the ring for his first defense of the title.

The bell sounds and we’re officially off-and-running with this one. Fans chant “F*ck ’em up Eddie, f*ck ’em up!” as soon as they start to get after it. Yuta jumps into the early offensive lead and then we head into a mid-match commercial break.

When we return from the break, we see Yuta still in control of the action. Kingston starts to fight back but Yuta elbows the crap out of him. And again. Kingston fades as Yuta throws rapid-fire elbows but then comes back to life and connects with two spinning back fists for the win. After the match, Kingston stares down Claudio Castagnoli, who won’t even look back at him.

Winner and STILL NJPW STRONG Openweight Champion: Eddie Kingston

MJF Earns A Week Off

We shoot to special backstage footage from ALL IN of Adam Cole approaching MJF backstage. MJF jokes about having wrestled more since becoming friends with Cole in the past couple weeks than he has in his entire life. He also jokes about Cole nearly breaking his neck at ALL IN.

He reveals a battle royal on Rampage this week to determine the challengers for their ROH tag titles at ALL OUT, and another tournament to determine the next AEW Championship challenger for MJF at AEW Grand Slam. MJF tells Cole he’s taking a week off. We head to another commercial break.

Sammy Guevara Doesn’t Want To Talk To Don Callis

When we return, we see Renee Paquette backstage with Sammy Guevara. As she talks about Le Sex Gods reuniting, in comes Don Callis trying to talk bad about Chris Jericho. Guevara doesn’t want to hear it. He tells Callis to stop talking. Callis tries to keep talking, but Guevara again cuts him off and stays loyal to Jericho.

Story Time With Adam Cole Interrupted By Roderick Strong & The Kingdom

Now we shoot back inside the NOW Arena where we hear the familiar sounds of Adam Cole’s theme song. He makes his way to the ring and asks who is ready for story time with Adam Cole (….BAY-BAY!)

He thanks everyone who attended and watched ALL IN. He calls it the biggest night of his life. He mentions winning the ROH tag titles and how he challenged for the AEW title. He then talks about MJF’s neck being pretty banged up but says at ALL OUT right here in Chicago, he’ll be ready to go.

Cole says there is something important he wanted to discuss today. Before he can continue, we hear someone yelling his name. Out comes Roderick Strong and The Kingdom duo of Matt Taven and Mike Bennett. He brings up Cole’s concern for MJF’s neck and asks why that’s more important than his own neck, pointing to his neck-brace.

Adam says this is getting ridiculous with Strong at this point. Mike Bennett interrupts and says it’s story time with Mike Bennett. He brings up the history between he and Cole and how Cole hosted his Bachelor Party before his wedding. Cole goes to respond but Taven cuts in and tells him to shut his mouth.

He says this is just who Cole is. He says he needed The Kingdom to take over ROH and then he jumped to The Bullet Club to pad his wallet with merchandise money. Cole says they know this is all untrue. He says if he did make them feel this way, he’s sorry. He tells them they’ve got to understand that MJF is his friend, and not only that, but his best friend.

Strong says he can’t accept that. He says he’s gonna enter the tournament to determine MJF’s next title challenger for AEW Grand Slam. He says he’ll win it and do what Cole couldn’t do, which is win the AEW Championship from MJF.

He says if Cole were his real friend, he’d route for him to win. Cole tells him he knows that’s not a good idea because of his neck. Strong says oh now Cole cares about me. He doesn’t want his concern.

Kris Statlander, Hikaru Shida & Britt Baker vs. Nyla Rose, Emi Sakura & Marina Shafir

After a quick word from Penta El Zero Miedo about his title shot against Orange Cassidy in tonight’s main event, we head back inside the arena where TBS Women’s Champion Kris Statlander makes her way out for the next match of the evening.

Statlander is joined by Hikaru Shida and then Britt Baker. The three-woman team head to the ring for women’s Trios action. They settle inside the squared circle and Baker’s theme wraps up.

Nyla Rose, Emi Sakura and Marina Shafir make their way out together next as the opponents for the aforementioned trio. They settle in the ring as well and now it’s time to get this one officially off-and-running.

The bell sounds and we see Sakura working over Shida to get this one underway. Shida starts fighting back and she takes over and settles into the early offensive lead for her team.

Baker tags in but the heels double-team her and then knock Shida and Statlander off the ring apron. They utilize frequent tags to keep a fresh person on the weakened Baker at all times. As Sakura works her over, we head into a mid-match commercial break as the match continues.

When we return from the break, we see the babyface trio fight back into the lead and ultimately score the victory. After the match, Ruby Soho comes out and sneak-attacks Statlander. She steals her TBS Women’s title and runs off with it. She leaves it on the entrance ramp. Excalibur plugs their showdown for the belt on Sunday’s ALL OUT show.

Winners: Kris Statlander, Hikaru Shida & Britt Baker

ROH TV Title Match Announced For AEW ALL OUT 2023

From there, Shane Taylor vs. Samoa Joe is announced for ALL OUT for the ROH TV Championship. We then see a video package to hype up Shane Taylor and promote the match.

Don Callis Shows Konosuke Takeshita Film Of Kenny Omega

We then shoot backstage where Don Callis walks through some film of Kenny Omega for Konosuke Takeshita, giving him inside information on weak spots of Omega’s body. He says if all else fails he’s got a backup plan.

The Acclaimed Unveil New Custom AEW Trios Championships

After the Don Callis and Konosuke Takeshita segment wraps up, we head to another commercial break. When we return, the theme for The Acclaimed hits and out comes the new AEW Trios Champions in all pink. Max Caster does a freestyle on the way to the ring with disses to Mitch McConnell freezing and Donald Trump looking pissed in his mug shot.

Billy Gunn starts by saying they can probably cut their theme off now because they’re running short on time and only have a little bit to do this. He says he’s proud to announce that “Daddy Ass” is now back. The fans chant his name. Gunn mentions The Acclaimed and he becoming AEW Trios Champions at ALL IN.

They take part in the first-ever scissoring ribbon cutting ceremony to commemorate them becoming the trios champs. They mention how the titles look dull and then they unveil the brand new pink AEW Trios Championships.

AEW International Championship
Orange Cassidy (C) vs. Penta El Zero Miedo

It’s main event time!

After Excalibur speed-reads through updates to the lineup for Friday’s Rampage, Saturday’s Collision and Sunday’s ALL OUT, we head back inside the NOW Arena where Penta El Zero Miedo makes his way out.

Penta is accompanied by Alex Abrahantes as he makes his way to the ring for our final match of the evening, where he will challenge Orange Cassidy for the AEW International Championship, with the winner facing Jon Moxley with the belt on-the-line at ALL OUT.

As he settles inside the squared circle, we head to a quick pre-match commercial break. When we return from the break, Orange Cassidy’s theme hits and the “Freshly Squeezed” one heads to the ring for our final match of the evening.

The bell sounds and it’s time for AEW International Championship action. The fans break out in loud dueling chants for each guy as they stare each other down. They finally start mixing it up, with some good back-and-forth action. Penta knocks the champ to the floor and hits a big high spot as we head to a mid-match commercial.

When we return from the break, we see Cassidy in the middle of hitting the ropes and diving through them on the other side of the ring for a big tope suicida on Penta. Penta recovers and flattens Cassidy with a super kick on the floor and then he hits an even bigger diving splash from the ring to the floor.

Back in the ring, Cassidy fights back into competitive form and then connects with a huge tornado DDT to slow Penta’s momentum down. The crowd rallies behind him as he looks to try and finish off one-half of The Lucha Bros. As Penta fights back into the lead, we head into our final mid-match commercial break of the evening.

As we settle back in from the final commercial of the show, we see Penta and Cassidy fighting back and forth. Penta hits the Sling Blade for a close near fall, but Cassidy kicks out and starts to come back to life. Penta takes over again and nearly finishes him off on the hard part of the ring apron but Cassidy kicks out of the follow-up pin attempt.

Penta continues to focus his attack on the injured arm of the champ. He hits his Fear Factor finisher in the middle of the ring and nearly wins, but Cassidy just barely kicks out and then rolls an unsuspecting Penta up for the win. With the win, he retains the title and will defend it against Jon Moxley at ALL OUT this Sunday.

Winner and STILL AEW International Champion: Orange Cassidy

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