CM Punk and Jack Perry allegedly suspended pending investigation following All In

Aug 28, 2023 - by Colin Vassallo

Bryan Alvarez with is reporting that many believe that both CM Punk and Jack Perry have been suspended pending the results of an internal investigation stemming from their backstage altercation on Sunday night before All In started.

There are conflicting stories over what exactly happened backstage at gorilla position just minutes before the pay-per-view. Some say it was Punk who went to confront Perry and put him in a chokehold and others say it was Perry who shoulder tackled Punk first.

The different versions of the stories all agree on one thing though: things got physical and there were concerns that Punk would not go out for his match and some were scrambling to come up with a plan to either stall the start of the first match or else change the order of the matches so Punk wouldn’t go out first.

Both Perry and Punk were told to leave Wembley Stadium, with Perry heading out first after the incident and Punk doing the same after his match.

If this suspension ends up being true there’s a chance that neither of them will be able to appear at All Out this Sunday in Chicago.

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  1. James from the Sewer says:

    I smell a work.

    For this to happen after the last year’s incident, and for it to be so public and to make the dirtsheets as quickly as it did.. come on…….

    You’d think they’d make a better effort this time to keep it quiet…. And Jungle Boy? Really?

  2. Jeff Copeland says:

    if its a work FUK OFF if its not FIRE THEM BOTH. i am sick and tired of all this cm bs last year or so it was bad enough after 2014 and morons keepted chanting his name like dummys.
    Sad part is i wanted to give him a 2nd chance in 2021 and i did but once double or nothing 2021 happend and the volcano of bs after that NOPE. cm can go burn in his dumpster fire

  3. John says:

    CM Punk going would be terrible the product is awful without him. dave meltzer is bias that shouldn’t be taken seriously apparently Punk didn’t blow up at Miro as previously reported by alvarez. You will have to rely on other wrestling dirtsheets to get the news. Remember meltzer and alvarez are friends with the Bucks and Kenny and meltzer is willingly to put out a bad story just to protect their friends.

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