Darby Allin on bidding wars, Adam Cole on why opted to leave WWE

Aug 24, 2023 - by Steve Gerweck

Darby Allin says unlike with MJF, there will never be a bidding war for his services.

“I don’t know if people realize how fortunate we are to be wrestling at such a high level with such an open-minded owner,” Allin said of AEW. “What you see out there is 100% Darby Allin. Nobody tells me how to walk, talk, or act. It’s 100% me and to have that free reign to collaborate with Tony (Khan) and create such good storylines leading to Wembley, pro wrestling’s biggest event. You literally can’t say enough good things. I’m super stoked on everything with my whole growth in AEW, them just letting me be me.”

– Speaking on Under the Ring, Adam Cole detailed why he ended up choosing AEW over sticking with WWE.

“It was definitely a choice I thought about for quite some time. There were a couple of factors that kind of really pushed me towards making the AEW decision. First and foremost, I was a massive fan of the product and I would watch it every week. It was so awesome to watch these shows… the crowds were so raucous and so wild every single week and it almost felt like an NXT TakeOver every week.”

“At this point, me and Britt, my girlfriend, were barely seeing each other, I was maybe seeing her one day a week at this point because our schedules were so different. The idea of not only being able to see her more, travel with her, be there for her before and after her matches, that was something that was very attractive to me.”

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