The former Lacey Evans opening cafe

Aug 19, 2023 - by James Walsh

The former Lacey Evans is set to open a cafe following her exit from WWE, and talked about her decision to leave in a new interview. The Island News spoke with Macey Estrella, the former Evans, who revealed that she’s holding a grand opening for The Sunny Summers Cafe on Monday at 11 AM ET in Beaufort, South Carolina.

The outlet reports that Estrella said she loved her time in WWE and is grateful, but said that the travel made it hard for her to be with her family and do community outreach in her home area. She said, “I thought I could be of more assistance fighting a different fight than in the WWE ring. I want to focus on helping my community to fight against addiction and fight on the mental health side to normalize mental health issues.”

The cafe name was inspired by the names of her daughters, Summer and Sunny. Estrella said that she hopes to make the cafe available to organizations such as Alcoholics Anonymous and will offer free coffee and donuts in addition to a meeting place. She is also looking to host sessions and classes for women and military spouses to talk about necessary skills to find employment and “follow their goals and aspirations.”

Evans said that the place is intended to be a place where “people could come in and unplug from their devices, but also unplug from their minds as well,” noting that if you put your phone in their “Cellphone Jail” you get a free donut.

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