Steve Austin Says Pat McAfee Can Be Huge WWE Star, ‘Epic Performer’

May 20, 2023 - by staff

Photo Credit: Mike Lawrie/Getty Images

If the sports TV biz somehow doesn’t work out for Pat McAfee … he’s got a HUGE future as a WWE wrestler — at least, that’s according to “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, who gushed over the former NFL punter’s work in the squared circle earlier this week.

The Texas Rattlesnake couldn’t have heaped more praise on the 36-year-old when talking to us about the ex-Indianapolis Colt … saying the guy simply has a sky-high ceiling in the WWE if he would ever join the org. full-time.

Austin, of course, would know a thing or two about the topic … not only is he a WWE legend himself — but he got a firsthand look at the way McAfee worked in the ring at WrestleMania 38 last year, and he was blown away.

“Pat has a natural feel for the business,” Stone Cold said. “Epic performer. Great on the stick. Athletically, that match he had with [Austin] Theory was awesome.”

Austin also had big praise for the way McAfee took his “Stone Cold” Stunner during their wild, beer-filled meetup in the ‘Mania 38 ring.

In fact, Stone Cold said it was one of the three most memorable Stunners he’s ever performed.

“I think he’s amazing,” Austin said of McAfee. “He’s very entertaining. And, as a human being, I like him a whole lot.”

McAfee, though, appears to be all-in on his television career at the moment … his “The Pat McAfee Show” has taken off — gaining so much popularity, it was actually just acquired by ESPN.

Still, if at some point McAfee wants to ditch the sports talk headset and get in between the ropes — it’s clear, Austin believes the guy would thrive.

source: TMZ

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