Jake Roberts comments on MJF’s fan incident at Revolution

Mar 15, 2023 - by James Walsh

Jake Roberts weighs in on AEW World Champion MJF throwing a drink on a child at the recent Revolution pay-per-view.

The Snake discussed this topic during a recent interview on Café De René With René Duprée, where he explained why it was a poor choice for MJF aim his heel tactics at a fan, as they are the paying customers. You can check out his full thoughts on the subject below.

On MJF’s fan incident at Revolution:

Yeah, yeah, by far (MJF is the best talker). Anything when you do something to a fan is too much (Roberts said about the situation with MJF throwing a drink on a kid). Here’s the thing guys, the fans are the ones that make you. Don’t, ‘Hey, you fat f*cking b*tch.’ There’s no need for that. Number one, she probably is a fat b*tch, and the kids beside her know mama’s fat. She don’t need to be reminded. Is she coming back? I doubt it, because the kids are crying, that guy made fun of my momma. I’m not f*cking coming back for that sh*t. There’s absolutely no need to attack the fans, none, zero, zilch… MJF does have a problem with going too far. I think he just gets going and he just lets go. You can’t let go. You gotta keep control of your sh*t.

Why he could never agent in AEW:

No, I don’t agent matches (in AEW). I don’t do that… No (that’s not something I’m interested in). No, because I’d probably kill somebody. I would be so frustrated. I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t do it.

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