Mark Henry says Roman Reigns and MJF were 2022’s Best Performers

Mar 12, 2023 - by James Walsh

Mark Henry has weighed in on his best wrestling performers of 2022, naming Roman Reigns and MJF. Henry was a guest on Sportkeeda’s WrestleBinge and was asked who he would pick as his best wrestler and mic worker of the year, and you can see highlights below (per Wrestling Inc:

On the best wrestler of 2022:

“I would have to pick Roman Reigns. Roman reigns has his own gravitational pull if he was a planet. The whole show is based around him. He’s gave life like a mother and father to The Usos as well as Sami Zayn and now, he’s done the same thing with Solo. Roman Reigns is, right now, the hottest wrestler in the world.”

On the best at promos for the year:

“I probably would’ve picked CM Punk if he would’ve been able to finish out the year. MJF kept people at the tip of the sword every time he spoke and I would have to say, not only was he the best promo, but he was probably the best bad guy. Maxwell Jacob Friedman is the best heel in the business because that’s who he is.”

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