Notes on MVP and Mandy Rose

Jan 22, 2023 - by Steve Gerweck

MVP on Fans Suggestions:

“Serious question! Any daytime soap fans out there? Do daytime soaps have show fans sending their stars ideas about what and who their characters should be doing on their shows? Is this just a modern symptom of social media?”

Lots of people “arm-chair booking” making up these expectations and then being disappointed when they’re “idea” isn’t used 🤨
Just follow the story naturally, no need to hype your self up for something that may not happen.

– Former WWE Superstar Mandy Rose recently answered a group of fan questions on her Instagram stories. In one of the fan questions, she was asked when she’ll be marrying her fiance Tino Sabbatelli. According to Rose, she stated, “Probably 2024.” You can see the Q&A at the above link.

The couple announced their engagement last September. Mandy Rose was later released by WWE last month after WWE officials discovered her FanTime subscription account.

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  1. What? says:

    MVP has a solid point, and if it isn’t a “modern symptom of social media” it’s certainly at least made the problem worse – people have amplified platforms, they feel like they have direct access to those they perceive to be decision makers, etc. And I’ll admit, I’ve bashed plenty of booking decisions myself, but I’ve always held that while fans have the right to hold and express opinions, thinking you know better than the people hired to be in those positions just because you would’ve gone a different direction is ridiculous.

    I don’t think it’s unique to wrestling, though, even if it takes a different form. The example I always think of is the newest Star Wars trilogy. No one really knew what to expect from The Force Awakens, but it was wildly successful. Then, there was a huge amount of hate toward The Last Jedi. Was it a perfect movie? No. But was it as bad as a lot of people were saying? Also no. After The Force Awakens, every fan had their own idea of what The Last Jedi “should” be, and for a lot of people when the actual movie didn’t 100% match their preconceived notions it was the movie that was “wrong.” Because everyone’s an expert. The difference with wrestling is that they get to change the story every week, so if something doesn’t go exactly the way you imagined it in your head maybe instead of spouting off give it a while and see if what the professionals come up with might also work.

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