Bray Wyatt Makes Return To Firefly Fun House On WWE SmackDown

Jan 21, 2023 - by James Walsh

Bray Wyatt returned to old stomping grounds on this week’s WWE Smackdown, showing up in the Firefly Fun House. Friday’s show saw Wyatt appear in a segment in the Fun House where he reunited with Mercy the Buzzard, Abby the Witch, Ramblin’ Rabbit, and Huskus.

The segment aired on the TitanTron following LA Knight’s win over Ren Jones. Ramblin’ Rabbit talked about how he’s scared of the dark ahead of Wyatt’s Pitch Black match with Knight, and Wyatt consoled him at first before changing his mind and saying he should be scared of the dark. Uncle Howdy then cut in and said that he knew Bray just needed a little push.

3 Responses

  1. dooman says:

    why…i guess al they can do is talk now get in the damn ring and preform already….puppets and badly drawn masks isn’t wrestling

  2. TrollBuster says:

    Bray, how dare you not wrestling on every show? -laughs in Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns-

    Remember the Tazz vs Sabu feud in ECW? They didn’t lay a hand on each other for months (or it was Sabu and another wrestler, I can’t remember it 100%) and nobody whined.

  3. Really? says:

    To be fair, not wrestling on *every* show is not the same thing as not wrestling on *any* show. Hopefully the Rumble is a turning point, because a charismatic presence is great and all but that alone can’t indefinitely sustain interest in a character who’s appearing every week.

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