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Jan 20, 2023 - by Staff

Naomi was reportedly headed for a big-money WWE contract before she walked out on the company last year.

Naomi and Sasha Banks (now known as Mercedes Moné in NJPW) walked out of a WWE RAW taping in mid-May of last year, unhappy with their creative directions, and while holding the WWE Women’s Tag Team Titles. While reports in recent months indicated that Moné was leaving WWE, it’s been reported that Naomi was close to re-signing a new contract.

Now word from Fightful Select is that Naomi’s WWE contract was close to expiring at the time of the walk-out, but both sides seemed excited to extend the deal. Furthermore, Naomi was likely headed for the “biggest money contract of her career” before the issues that led to Naomi and Moné walking out.

There have been some sources who claim Naomi has maintained positive contact with WWE, but that was not confirmed, and if true it was kept close to the vest.

It was reported earlier this month that Naomi is headed back to WWE in the near future, and that she was not following Moné to NJPW. While no timeframe was given for Naomi’s return, it was indicated that there were recent developments and that she is returning fairly soon. To add to that, a WWE higher-up source noted to Fightful that there has been contact between the two sides, and they are “confident” that she will return to the WWE ring. As was the case with the early January report, the source could not provide a concrete timetable for Naomi’s return.

Naomi is still listed on the active WWE roster as a SmackDown Superstar.

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    “Could not provide a concrete timetable for Naomi’s return” = “hey, isn’t the Rumble next week?”

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