Logan Paul Thanks Rescue Org Gentle Barn For Taking In Pig He Once Owned

Jan 10, 2023 - by Steve Gerweck

filed to GERWECK.NET:

Logan Paul’s former pig is now being cared for by the famous, Gentle Barn … and he’s thanking the rescue org. for saving the animal.

Here’s the deal … the famous animal sanctuary in Santa Clarita, CA posted a TikTok Monday about rescuing a pig with tattered ears and a potentially-life threatening infection who was found alone in a field next to a dead pig … and it turns out the pig has a connection to Logan.

Logan says Pearl lived at his home in Encino until April 2020 when he moved to Puerto Rico. He says Pearl was rehomed to a horse ranch in Santa Clarita, where he thinks she lived for 10 months until being rehomed to the farm across the street “with the purpose of care.”

But when Gentle Barn found the pig, they say she had clearly been through more trauma than they could imagine.

A source close to Logan tells TMZ … he was very upset to learn of Pearl’s condition and is truly grateful to Gentle Barn.

In his email, Logan says it’s “shocking and heartbreaking” to hear about Pearl’s condition … and he’s offering to help contribute to the pig’s care again.

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