Cornette: “Rousey wanted to be a wrestler until she got a little taste of it”

Jan 8, 2023 - by James Walsh

As seen during the December 30th 2022 edition of WWE Smackdown, Charlotte Flair returned from hiatus and defeated Ronda Rousey to capture the Smackdown women’s title right after Rousey had successfully defended her title against Raquel Rodriguez.

During his podcast, wrestling veteran Jim Cornette commented on the title change…

“If Ronda Rousey did not have the name and reputation that she had from the MMA world or UFC, she wouldn’t be on television. There Charlotte’s a star and then there’s Ronda.”

“Hopefully, is this the end of the Rousey experiment? Ronda Rousey wanted to be a wrestler until she got a little taste of it. She wasn’t even a full-time wrestler. The first run, okay. Then she goes to have kids and raise goats. And I’m not even kidding folks, look it up.”

It should be noted that Cornette was high on Rousey as everyone was and ignored obvious flaws in her game when she made her debut… Flaws that only got worse when working with less talented, less experienced colleagues. She went on a rant calling wrestling “fake fights” and proclaimed herself the “kayfabe killer” when she got even a little backlash from the won-over for reasons I’ve never understood…. Likely because people were so amazed that someone who was a star graced pro wrestling so they looked the other way on disasters.

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