MJF cuts expletive-filled promo at post-Full Gear press conference

Nov 20, 2022 - by Colin Vassallo

The new AEW World champion, MJF, cut an expletive-filled promo at the post-Full Gear press conference, turning back to a full-fledged heel after steering towards the babyface side for the past few weeks.

He said that the AEW title is now the most prestigious in this sport thanks to three letters, and that’s now AEW or Mox, but MJF.

“God damn people are f*cking dumb. No offense. You had sympathy for the devil?” MJF said. “Are you f*cking stupid, you f*cking morons.”

MJF said he deserves the title because he’s the best wrestler in the world and everyone knows it. He said no one can touch him and no one is on his level.

“And then, you guys still believed me when I put over this motherf*cker this past Wednesday?” MJF questioned the crowd as he pointed to Tony Khan who was sitting alone at the table. “Grow the f*ck up.”

MJF called the fans “f*cking marks” with “70,000 hardcore marks watching at home jerking off in their grandma’s basement” to his velvet voice.

The champ then said that he was going to shower to remove all Moxley’s disgusting hepatitis A to Z off of him and tomorrow morning he’s taking a jet to his movie set because he’s the only star in the company.

“Anyone got any questions? Just kidding. F*ck you, bye. Champ’s f*cking out, baby,” MJF screamed as he walked off the press conference.

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  1. Luke says:

    First of all, since when is insincerely acting as the babyface considered “steering towards the babyface side”? Yeah, Meltzerites were drooling at the thought of MJF turning face for some reason, but so what? Nobody with a brain even entertained the thought of him turning face.
    Second, a very important “Thank you” is missing from the quote. Just before the “F*ck you”. Is the author deliberately trying to be misleading?

  2. peter says:

    gee shocking oh wow so surprised no not really anyone who thought that mjf would turn face isn’t to bright i knew all along that it was just a act he’s really, imo, pretty boring. His whole thing is the same over and over very predictable.

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