Katie Arquette on her dual AEW/WWE appearances

Nov 1, 2022 - by James Walsh

Speaking recently on Talkin’ Sass, Katie Arquette shared her thoughts on her appearances with both WWE and AEW in late August (per Fightful). Her taped performance on AEW Dark: Elevation aired the same night as her live performance with WWE Raw, making her one of a select few to have matches with separate promotions broadcast simultaneously. She referenced meeting with Paul Levesque and Stephanie McMahon during her WWE event and her impressions of the entire sequence. You can find a few highlights from Arquette below.

On the logistics of making dual appearances in a single night:

“The whole night was pretty crazy. being able to be in the ring and not knowing it was going to happen, I’m glad I was able to make an impression like that. Anyone who did see me for the first time live on Raw, I’m glad I made that impression. My gear was new, I made sure to touch up my makeup differently that night, just in case anything were to happen.”

On if her performance could create bigger opportunities at either company:

“That would be absolutely incredible, everything you just said went through my mind, but I had to keep it on the back burner and be like, ‘this is just another ring, just a little more fans and more experienced professionals. We’re going to go out there and do everything we do every week and feel confident while I’m doing it.’ Coming to the back, it was, ‘I did it and I did it with these women, on this stage, with this many people in my hometown.’ I hope that I was able to make a really great impression.”

On meeting with Levesque and McMahon after WWE Raw:

“We were stopped in the back by Triple H and Stephanie, they thanked us all individually and I thought that meant a lot because they are busy, they have a lot going on, especially on a Monday night, so the fact that they went out of their way to take a couple of minutes to thank us. I was like, ‘I just hope we made it look good.’ They were like, ‘You did it and did it just right.’ Who knows, it could lead to many more possibilities, but at least they know what I’m like in-ring, so if I continue to do extra work, maybe it could lead to a tryout and anything else. I’m excited to see what comes.”

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