Royce Isaacs on his NJPW status, says he’s a free agent, talks German Suplexing Jonah, more

Oct 27, 2022 - by Steve Gerweck


Royce Isaacs recently spoke with for an exclusive interview discussing a wide range of topics. During the conversation, Isaacs opened up about his status with NJPW, teaming with Tom Lawlor, doing a German Suplex on Jonah and much more. Here are some highlights

Teaming with Tom Lawlor:

“I think it was a dream come true. I know that’s kind of cliche. But for me, Japan was always my main goal, my main place I wanted to be. I watched it growing up and I am a fan of everything like that but New Japan was always the goal, going to Japan was always the goal. I’ve been a fan of Japanese culture, as well as Japanese wrestling for as long as I can remember. So especially with the G1 Climax, I feel like to me is out of all the tours to me is the most interesting and important because it kind of sets up for everything else that’s going on. And it’s like the best wrestlers having the best matches. And it’s a really long tour. So I was over there for like five and a half, almost six weeks. And so everything about that was just like I was in heaven. I can’t wait to go back. I really loved it out there.”

Doing a German Suplex on Jonah:

“You know, I’m a strong boy. I really, really pride myself in working really hard in the gym. I actually think I might have to retire from deadlifting not deadlift suplexing that I’ll never retire but like actually deadlifting the lift. Because a couple of weeks ago, I threw my back out really bad deadlifting. I couldn’t walk for like days, I just wrestled Minoru Suzuki and I was like, how am I gonna get through this match? Luckily, I did a bunch of chiropractic and cryotherapy, and like a hot tub, sauna, all this stuff. So I was able to be upright. But I’m still paying for it. I just think between being in the gym really consistently, still grappling quite a bit like rolling jujitsu, all that kind of stuff. I’m used to like picking up bodies. I guess I’m kind of just built for that kind of stuff. And so it serves me well, for all like the German suplexes and whatnot. I’m sure there’s like a limit to it. And right now I’m still in demand. But I’m sure there’s a limit to it, but I’m not sure who in wrestling I couldn’t suplex. I feel like as far as strongboy suplexes I gotta be up there. I know even in New Japan there’s Alex Coughlin and people like that, that give me a run for my money. But I just think that I can be mentioned up there with any of them. And on my best day, I can do it with the best of them.”

His NJPW status:

“No, I’m still technically a free agent. Obviously, Team Filthy all day. And I mean, New Japan is really where I lay my head. They have been great for me in my career ever since I got into them during the pandemic. And I’m very grateful and New Japan has always kind of been the end goal. So right now I’m taking things one day at a time. Obviously, the goal is a contract. But enjoying the journey for now. And we’ll see what the future holds.”

Isaacs also opened up about having an interest in going to Impact Wrestling, West Coast Wrecking Crew, wrestling Minoru Suzuki and much more. You can read the complete interview at this link.

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