Jessie Jones talks WOW’s VIACOM Deal, AJ Lee’s Impact on Women’s Wrestling, Tracy Smothers, and more

Oct 18, 2022 - by James Walsh

Show: Wrestling Epicenter
Guest: WOW – Women of Wrestling Superhero Jessie Jones
Date: 10/18/2022
Your Host: James Walsh

She’s the Southern Belle who seeks to Make Wrestling Great Again! The uncrowned WOW – Women of Wrestling Tag Team Champion Jessie Jones joins us for the first time in over six years to discuss the rise of WOW, her learning under the vast learning trees of Tracy Smothers and Selina Majors, AJ Lee Mendez’s impact on women’s wrestling, and so much more!

WOW – Women of Wrestling is back in action and with its best television partner ever! The all ladies wrestling promotion is now on VIACOM stations at syndicated times all weekend long! If you haven’t, set your DVR’s to make sure you never miss an all new episode of WOW – Women of Wrestling! Check your local listings!

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On how big it is for WOW – Women of Wrestling to have inked a deal with VIACOM:
“It is monumental! That is really all you can say about it. We are the first all women’s wrestling promotion to have a worldwide network television footprint and is giving women the opportunity that they’ve been deserving for a long time. It is awesome!”

On the VIACOM deal putting WOW in more households than ever before:
“Absolutely! Being available to so many more homes, like, I’ve been a wrestling fan since I was a kid. So, I knew that as soon as wrestling fans had access to WOW – Women of Wrestling, I knew that it would blow up!”

On the TV viewership numbers coming in at about 300,000:
“Yeah! I’m telling ya! We’ll be up to a million, probably, by the end of the season!”

On the impact the late Tracy Smothers had on her life:
“I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for him. He was my everything. He wasn’t just my mentor, he wasn’t just my trainer, he wasn’t just my friend… He was like a father to me! I would have quit a long time ago. But, he was the one, the only one, who encouraged me to stay at it. “Don’t quit, don’t give up. You’re good. You’re great! You were meant to do something in this business. Stay at it!” So, i stayed at it. I hope that I have made him proud.”

On how opportunities for women have changed since she started in wrestling:
“Back when I started, if women had a spot, they were given like a minute to 3 minutes for a popcorn match. Like, “Hey, get your concessions! We’re going to throw the girls out there for a couple seconds.” They were subjected to stupid stuff like “Evening Gown Matches.” They weren’t given the opportunity to show their athleticism, charisma, and everything they can do.”

On when women started to get a chance:
“Because of AJ (Lee, Mendez) when she tweeted, “Give Women a Chance!” That was when women were like, “Hey, maybe we should give them a chance to see what they can do!” Women within the sport took that ball and ran with it. And now, they’re getting highlighted! It is… I’m kind of sad that I didn’t get to start in this era of women’s wrestling versus starting when I did. But, I am honored, privileged, and blessed to be part of the platform that I am on with WOW – Women of Wrestling working with AJ and Jeanie Bus But, women who are just breaking through and training to become wrestlers should consider themselves very lucky to come in after AJ Mendez and, the #MeToo movement as well, I guess, that has given us this spot. And, David McLane! David McLane has been an advocate for women’s wrestling from the start. He was the first to believe!”

On AJ (Lee) Mendez being a part of WOW as an announcer:
“Absolutely. But, not just as an announcer but also as one of the staples and veterans in the locker room and as someone here that anyone can go to and talk to and learn from…. We are very privileged to have her!”

On WOW featuring more experienced wrestlers than ever before:
“This roster is the best roster that we’ve ever had. We are going to add more and more talented, experienced women as this thing continues to blow up. If I were a betting woman, I’d bet that this thing is going to only keep skyrocketing! But, this is definitely the best roster that we’ve ever had. You’re going to see some faces you might recognize but you are also going to see some new faces that you will fall in love with. WOW is doing big things!”

On learning from former WOW Champion “Bambi” Selina Majors:
“Absolutely! I learned SO much from her both inside and outside of the ring. She was a huge mentor!”

On if she’ll bring back the “Make Wrestling Great Again” hat:
“(laughs) I don’t know. Maybe we can form some kind of civil protest, “We Want Jessie Jones to Make Wrestling Great Again!” and then maybe they’ll give me my hat back! (laughs)”

On if she still hopes to regain the WOW Tag Team Titles:
“Absolutely! That is the goal. I just need to find a better partner. That was BK’s fault! She’s the one who got pinned!”

On who she wants to be her partner:
“It is basically going to be anybody I can talk into or force onto the corner! (laughs) I’ve stated before in the ring, to David, and in interviews – I don’t need a partner. I’ll pop a mop with a wig on up there. It would almost be better if I never tagged out. As long as I’m in there, it is all good! It is when I tag out that it all falls apart! Maybe I’ll have an inanimate object as a partner!”

On if she wants the WOW World Title:
“Yeah! I have said to David many times that it is silly that in singles nor in tag team action, I have never been pinned and I have never tapped out! I am undefeated in singles competition! But, there are girls that I have beaten who have gotten title shots. I don’t think I’m David’s cup of tea. He’s like, “She’s stubborn! She’s hard headed! She says exactly what she thinks and she’s not willing to budge on her roots!” I might need to hire Sophia Lopez! She’s good at getting people title shots! Even people who never even wrestled for WOW before – You saw Tormenta come in and get a title shot right away. Hey, she looks tough as nails. More power to her! But, she didn’t pay her dues in the WOW rings to earn that title shot! I have! And, I had my titles taken!”

On if WOW will have another hiatus or if it is going to continue weekly broadcasts:
“As far as I know, the train has left the tracks and it ain’t stopping!”

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