Bill DeMott speaks out about Triple H’s WWE regime, Vince McMahon and HBK at NXT

Sep 24, 2022 - by Steve Gerweck

Phil Johnson shared:

In an exclusive interview with, former WWE road agent and trainer Bill DeMott discussed a wide range of topics covering all things pro-wrestling.

During the conversation, DeMott revealed his thoughts on Triple H’s appointment as the new WWE head of creative and Vince McMahon’s decision to leave the company. Additionally, DeMott commented on Shawn Michaels at WWE NXT. You can read the entire interview by clicking here. Here are some highlights:

Triple H’s new WWE role:

“I mean, it’s funny, I read something last week, and you know, somebody and I think it was on Twitter, where someone how two guys who were on a tank trying to break into WCW back in the day. Now, all of a sudden, Shawn Michaels, Triple H, Road Dogg are all executives and running the you know, running the show. And for those who know. It’s because one, I think talent knows talent. And if you’ve been doing it long enough, you have an idea of what should be done. But you know, Paul, or Hunter, Triple H whatever we want to call him, he had a vision he sat explained that vision to me years ago. And I was all in. And a lot of people, I think knew when the time came, that he was the heir apparent to, you know, then steer the ship.

“I don’t think anybody saw it coming the way it happened. But first of all glad that, that Paul’s healthy and feeling good where he can now, this is his journey, there’s that word passion, like this guy is wrestling. And his best interest is in the business and in the WWE. So I think we’re going to keep seeing the the building of the company, but I don’t think the structure is going to change, I think, you know, Vince laid out a format that if anybody’s been with him long enough, could follow it and improve on it. And I think that’s what Hunter is doing. I think he’s taking the vision that he had, and we were working with in developmental at the time and building the PC and building the NXT brand, and the opportunities that are that were happening, you’re going to see a lot more of that. And then you’re going to see an opportunity for some of the guys and girls that haven’t been featured to now step up. And I think that’s the biggest thing.”

Shawn Michaels at WWE NXT:

“There’s gonna be opportunities now, especially with Shawn, running the Performance Center and part of talent and all that and Brian and everybody else who’s there, Matt Bloom and everyone else there. That’s the biggest thing that is going to happen. There’s been a lot of talk about, well, you, there’s opportunity to grab the brass ring, and you’ve heard a lot of people say that brass ring doesn’t exist. Well, I think Paul found it. He’s put it in front of everybody’s face, and he’s gonna give everyone an opportunity. And it’s just, I think, I hope it goes back to when you had to prove yourself and get things done. And I think the beauty part is you don’t have to prove yourself in one night and be judged by that you’re gonna get an opportunity to not just deal with the numbers or the ratings, but let’s see who you are, what you can do and how you can relate to this new product, but I think I’m excited. I was excited that Paul was the person taking over. I wasn’t excited to hear how it happened.

Vince McMahon and WWE’s future:

“That whole thing with Vince, I’ve said it before, none of my business. Vince was always good to me. Vince was good to a lot of people. And it’s a moral issue that’s with Vince to deal with and you know, whatever it is, but wrestling keeps going no matter what, no matter who you are, no matter what falls in front of the tracks, but I’m excited to see what Paul does. I’m really excited to see what Shawn does because Shawn said it before like he you know if you had to bet I think Shawn would be the first one to take the bet he’d never be a corporate guy. But talent knows talent and you surround yourself with good people who help you along the way, and it’s going to be a success.

“So I think there’s a lot of good things coming. I think a lot of people will get over the honeymoon stage of this, and before you know it on social media, somebody be bashing Triple H for a decision or whatever else because wrestling fans have a tremendous voice that they use. But for as far as the business goes, I think we’re on an upswing.”

DeMott also discussed the situation in AEW involving CM Punk and The Elite, his daughter’s foundation, as well as the King of the ISPW tournament, and other topics. You can check out the complete interview at this link.

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