Wardlow comments on his PWI top 500 ranking

Sep 18, 2022 - by James Walsh

AEW superstar and current TNT champion Wardlow recently appeared on the Extreme Life of Matt Hardy podcast to discuss his ranking on the PWI Top 500 wrestlers list, where the War Pig came in at 67. Wardlow also jokes that he thinks there would have been a more appropriate spot for him to be placed, which you can check out in the interview highlights below.

Thinks it is cool that he was ranked so high on the PWI Top 500 list:

“Now, I will say this, I agree [that you should value numbers in your paycheck over your ranking in the PWI 500.] But as somebody who grew up buying the PWI magazine, that is very cool to hear and you just told me [my ranking], I didn’t know that.”

Says being ranked 69th would have been more on brand:

“Last year I was like 390-something, so to go from [that] to a year later, I’m 67? 69 would have been great, but —69 would have been more on brand.”

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