EC3 issues statement in response to remarks made by Velveteen Dream

Sep 15, 2022 - by James Walsh

As previously noted, former WWE star EC3 claimed that Velveteen Dream tried to film people in the bathroom without consent during a party several years ago.

On Wednesday, Dream (Patrick Clark) addressed EC3 in an Instagram video. Dream said the following: “You throw this dirt on my name saying that I tried to record you in your bathroom. Let’s be honest, Mike, you’re leaving out a lot of details. What were we doing that night, Mike? What type of powder was on the table, Mike?”

EC3 issued the following statement to regarding the comments made by Dream…

“In life, I forgive everyone for everything that has been done to me.

I personally have never failed a drug test from any employer, nor been arrested for drug usage, paraphernalia, assault, battery, or any inappropriate behavior.

My forgiveness includes Patrick Clark for setting up a video recording device in the bathroom of my home.

As far as any other accusations and allegations against him, I hope that he finds the help he needs.”


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  1. ryan says:

    Lol what a total and utter non-denial of what dream said. Ec3 is such a tool

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