Notes on John Morrison and Eric Bischoff

Sep 11, 2022 - by Steve Gerweck

Fightful Select reports that John Morrison is set to unveil an “unusual” new gimmick in his AAA appearance this weekend. He has been out of action due to an injury.

Eric Bischoff expressed his opinions regarding Maxwell Jacob Friedman’s promo from this week’s AEW Dynamite on Strictly Business with Eric Bischoff recently (per Wrestling Inc). His reactions were mixed, and you can read a few highlights from Bischoff below.

On MJF incorporating a rival company in his AEW promo: “I question … bringing up the WWE, ‘I’d rather be somewhere else.’ I get it, and he delivered it in an amazingly talented way. I just don’t know if that segment was the right segment to do that in.”

On the impact that the promo ultimately achieved: “It was really effective, it worked. It set up [Jon] Moxley perfectly… Perhaps MJF was really, in his own way, personifying the CM Punk situation, making it his own so that Moxley could dismiss it the way he did and turn him into a … heel. … I did love that dynamic. I just wish they could have done it without the WWE references.”

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  1. Disgruntled Jobber says:

    I wonder if Eric had the same reaction when Cena was feuding with Vince and delivered the line “I guess I’ll go wrestle somewhere else…Brother!” which everyone knew was a reference to Impact.

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