Becky Lynch says WWE has supported her being a mom

Jul 31, 2022 - by James Walsh

Becky Lynch is happy with the way that WWE has supported her since she became a mother. Lynch came back to WWE last year during SummerSlam after being stepping from the ring since May of 2020 to become a mother. The Raw star recently spoke with ESPN’s Rachel DeMita and said that WWE has been accommodating to her needs, both while she was away from the ring and since she’s returned.

“I feel very supported in WWE,” (Lynch said per Fightful). “I felt no pressure to comeback before I was ready. I was ready a lot longer than they asked me to come back. They’re very understanding when I need extra things, whether it be a room at a particular building for my baby. We have the privilege of having a bus, which helps an awful lot and makes her sleep a lot better with the rumbling. For me, I feel very supported and very privileged that I’m in the position that I am that I can balance the two quite handily. Traveling every week with a toddler can get a bit tough, she’s great.”

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