Notes on Jonathan Gresham, Sasha Banks, and Naomi

May 21, 2022 - by James Walsh

Jonathan Gresham is finished up with Impact Wrestling for now, though he says that he is open to working more with them in the future. Fightful Select spoke with Gresham ahead of this weekend’s Modern Age Grappling show and he confirmed that he is winding down his independent work with ROH set to come back soon.

Gresham noted that he is healthy after he suffered a concussion in April and was pulled from his last date with Impact Wrestling. He noted that TERMINUS shows will continue, being a collaboration between himself and Baron Black. He said that while he is signed with AEW and ROH, every company that he has worked with has been fine with him running shows. He added that in order to keep his normal life moving along, he had to deprioritize TERMINUS a bit.

Sasha Banks and Naomi have rebranded their twitters to their real life name of Mercedes Varnado and Trinity Fatu.

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