Tay Conti: “My personal life is no ones business”

Dec 25, 2021 - by Steve Gerweck

Tay Conti releasing a statement on online rumors:

“Hi Friends, I had to take some time off social media because I was reading some unnecessary comments. My personal life is no ones business and no one has the right to create false rumors and harrass me for something that wasn’t my fault. When I look at the mirror, I’m happy to see who I am and I’m proud of myself. If you like my career, great you can stay but if you don’t, just leave. One thing is for sure: HATERS WILL NOT TAKE MY HAPPINESS AWAY. I’m living my best life and bringing happiness to the people that enjoy my work. For those who shared love, I can’t THANK YOU enough.. know that I do appreciate and love y’all, I’ll keep going no matter what 4. Now let’s fucking go be I need to workout, period. – Tay Conti”

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  1. peter allen says:

    good for you i agree 100 % with you

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