MJF Says No One Watches AEW for Former WWE Talent

Nov 13, 2021 - by James Walsh

In an interview with Hollywood Life, MJF said that the people watching AEW are not doing so just to see former WWE stars, and he also spoke about his chances on a series like Dancing With The Stars or The Masked Singer. Here are highlights:

On how MJF has changed wrestling: “I think it is very clear that I have changed professional wrestling because before I got involved in professional wrestling, there was only one show in town. And now, due to my talents and me being an incredibly intriguing attribute, my company –look, people are tuning into AEW not to see some of these ex-WWE talents, as great as they are. People are tuning in for MJF, a guy who has only been on worldwide TV for two, two and a half years? And if that doesn’t scream change, I don’t know what does? And what people should be screaming is ‘thank you’ to me.”

On being on a celebrity competition series like Chris Jericho or The Miz have: “I definitely think I would absolutely tear it up on Dancing with the Stars or a Masked Singer. Do I think I would be better than them? I am better than everybody at everything, so that is kind of a dumb question. But, to be fair, I have dipped my toes outside the wrestling bubble as of late. I have my hands in a lot of different pots. Some things are going to be coming up that people are going to be shocked about that I am involved in or have already finished. Exciting times in the world of MJF.”

On Roddy Piper never being a World Champion: “I am in this business to fix that wild injustice that occurred. The fact that Roddy Piper was never a world champion goes to show you how sick and twisted in the head that everybody he worked with or associated with was. I felt that Roddy Piper was held down, and he was not allowed to be in the position he should have been in. I am not going to allow that to happen to me. I feel that if my company is not giving me the matches that I deserve and not giving me the proper spot, there are always other places for me to go. My contract is coming up in 2024.”

On how to be as good as MJF: “A good question! To be as good as me, you have to pray that you pass away tomorrow and get reincarnated as me — which isn’t going to happen. Second place, what you can do is put down the potato chips, hit the gym, and talk to some women or men — whatever your sexual preference is — and get out of your house and get out of your apartment or whatever cardboard box you live in and just try to be more than just a typical 9 to 5 lifer or humanoid who honestly does not contribute at all to society.”

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