Notes on Tony Khan and Chelsea Green

Aug 15, 2021 - by Steve Gerweck

Tony Khan Discusses How Free Agency Makes Pro Wrestling Better on Busted Open Radio

“The amount of interest in professional wrestling in major media is the highest it’s been in over 20 years. Last week was the first time two different wrestling companies have had two shows in the Top 5, it’s an exciting time, there is real competition.

Free agency is definitely bringing new fans in, which was part of my business plan with AEW. The free agent cycle really hadn’t existed in a meaningful way in professional wrestling in two decades. It would help to lift the sport and lift the interest in wrestling and bring the fans back. We’re starting to see that and we’ll continue to see that through the Summer and the rest of the year.”

Fightful Select reports that Chelsea Green had recent talks with AAA about working there, but the recent increase in COVID-19 cases have slowed down talks. She has yet to actually sign a contract with any company, even though she’s appeared for Impact, ROH and NWA. Each company she’s worked for thus far has been aware that she would be working for work elsewhere as well.

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